10 Best Italian Restaurants In Houston, Texas

10 Best Italian Restaurants In Houston, Texas

Our 10 Best Italian Restaurants In Houston, Texas is a helpful guide in choosing the best Italian Restaurants In Houston, Texas.  Whether you’re looking for some traditional Italian fare on a Friday night or want to impress your date with something more creative but still authentic, we have you covered. Italians are known for their love of food, and Houston is no exception.

No matter if you’re in the mood for pizza, pasta, or something else, these 10 Houston Italian restaurants will satisfy your cravings and leave you wondering why you ever wanted to eat anything else.

Here are our picks for the ten best Italian spots in Houston, Texas:

# 10 – Coppa Osteria

Italian food is intended to celebrate life, and Coppa Osteria’s menu cements this sentiment. The menu includes a selection of specialty dishes such as Parmesan rigatoni, garganelli, and meatballs al forno made with high-quality ingredients. Coppa Osteria has long been a favorite restaurant in Houston because they have the best Italian food you can find.

Upon entering the restaurant, guests first notice its welcoming atmosphere, encouraging patrons to linger and enjoy themselves. Coppa Osteria’s staff is known for engaging in friendly and casual conversations with their customers. The wine selection consists of red and white wines from Italy and around the world that feature classic and interesting varietals.

Price range: $$$

Website: https://www.coppaosteriahouston.com/

Address: 5210 Morningside Dr, Houston, TX 77005

# 9 – La Griglia

The La Griglia in Houston, Texas, is a popular Italian restaurant. The menu features several items staples of the Italian culture: coratella (meat with tomato sauce), beef carpaccio, and lasagna. It also has more than 100 wines to purchase by glass or bottle.

There are two different dining areas available at La Griglia – outdoor seating on their patio and an indoor setting where you can enjoy your meal. At the same time, watching cooks prepare dishes before them. La griglia has become a staple of the Italian restaurants in Houston, with its spacious front patio, intimate dining areas, and an excellent menu.

Price range: $$$

Website: https://www.lagrigliarestaurant.com/

Address: 2002 W Gray St, Houston, TX 77019

# 8 – Sorrento

Sorrento has been in business for over 30 years and has gained a huge following for its sublime pasta and world-famous sauces. You can get anything from pizza to veal, and their prices are reasonable. You’ll also enjoy the local flavor of this family-owned restaurant. Fried calamari is a favorite dish in Italy. It is known for its pure taste of seawater and its tenderness. Sorrento’s version of fried calamari is consistently one of the most popular items on the menu.

The atmosphere is full of warm colors, soft lights, and Italian music in the background. The small and intimate place makes it easy to talk to your friends and family. If you’re looking for quiet, low-key dining in a great setting, then Sorrento should be your first choice.

Price range: $$

Website: https://www.sorrentohouston.com/

Address: 415 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006

# 7 – Riva’s Italian Restaurant

Riva’s Italian Restaurant is a family-owned and operated restaurant known for its quality food, warm atmosphere, and immense value. Their menu includes a wide variety of appetizers, pasta dishes, pizza by the slice or the pie, meats, and seafood for dinner, or you can try their award-winning lasagna made in-house twice every night!

The decor is reminiscent of the simple yet sumptuous Italian countryside where the cuisine originates from. A warm and personal service, attentive and courteous staff, quality food and drink, and an exclusive atmosphere are why Riva’s Italian Restaurant is one of Houston’s most popular dining establishments.

Price range: $$

Website: http://rivasinmontrose.com/

Address: 1117 Missouri St, Houston, TX 77006

# 6 – Mia Bella Trattoria

What’s not to love about Mia Bella, a top-rated restaurant on the menu that makes the best margaritas in town? Mia Bella Trattoria serves authentic, upscale Italian home-style meals. Some of the most popular dishes from their menu are their four-cheese gnocchi with espresso bacon and sherry wine sauce and the New Zealand rack of lamb with roasted garlic potatoes. Mia Bella Trattoria offers an extensive wine list with wines imported directly from Italy, including Barolo, Barbaresco, Brunello di Montalcino and many more.

Mia Bella offers a perfect setting for intimate dinners and business meetings. The restaurant has a classic yet vibrant atmosphere with high ceilings, exposed brick, and dim lighting. The staff is friendly, courteous, and well-trained to provide exceptional service in a classic French-style dining setting. Titled “Elite Restaurant,” Mia Bella Trattoria takes pride in offering an upscale, high-quality dining experience.

Price range: $$

Website: https://www.miabellarestaurants.com/

Address: 3773 Richmond Ave UNIT 1A, Houston, TX 77046

# 5 – North Italia

North Italia is a gourmet restaurant in Houston, TX, that offers authentic Southern Italian dishes. They have a unique menu with a list of delectable appetizers like fried asparagus and artichokes, entrées like the Duroc pork Milanese, and assorted desserts like the strawberry gelato. North Italia also has an extensive wine list with their own “Old Vine” wine imported from Italy.

Expect a bit of Italian flair in the decor, with authentic Italian stone floors, dark wood tables, and stucco walls. There is also an open kitchen to watch your food being made in front of your eyes.

Price range: $$

Website: https://www.northitalia.com/

Address: 1700 Post Oak Blvd Ste 190, Houston, TX 77056

# 4 – Fratelli’s Ristorante

Fratelli’s Ristorante is a traditional Italian restaurant, just about as close to being in Italy as anything you can find in Houston. The restaurant has an Italian feel, and the menu at Fratelli’s is made up of the best hearty and authentic dishes you would find in any small town square in Italy. Visitors can feast on ditalini pasta served with meat sauce or the chef’s special baked lasagna made with three layers of fresh pasta dough.

The atmosphere at Fratelli’s is something else, like stepping into a little corner of Italy. It has brick walls and the tables, chairs, windows, and door frames have wrought iron inlay. They light candles everywhere at night, giving it a great look and feel. If you are ever passing through Houston, Texas, and are looking for a great Italian restaurant to stop at, then Fratelli’s Ristorante is worth looking into.

Price range: $$

Website: https://www.fratellisristorantehouston.com/

Address: 1330 Wirt Rd, Houston, TX 77055

# 3 – Lomontes Italian Restaurant and Bar

When it comes to the best Italian food that can be found in Houston, Texas, Lomontes Italian Restaurant and Bar is certainly a top option. Customers have given this restaurant rave reviews for years because of its delicious recipes and wonderful service. What makes this restaurant so great is the vast options that they provide.

You can choose from their extensive menu, which includes many different types of dishes Pasta Lamonte’s, eggplant parmigiana, and much more. They also have a great and fun atmosphere where you can enjoy your time with friends or family. If you are looking for an Italian restaurant in Houston, TX, with amazing food and great service, look no further. Lomontes Italian Restaurant and Bar is a top choice for all your Italian food needs when dining in Houston, Texas.

Price range: $$

Website: https://www.lomontes.com/

Address: 14510 Grisby Rd, Houston, TX 77079

# 2 – Arturo Boada Cuisine

Arturo Boada Cuisine, located in Houston, Texas, is the home of traditional Italian cuisine. Family-owned and operated, this restaurant promises to provide a cozy and intimate dining experience. With fresh ingredients made daily onsite, there is no lack of delicious dishes for patrons to savor. Dining at Arturo Boada Cuisine will transport diners to Italy with a menu that features everything from artisan pizzas to decadent pasta.

The kitchen also cooks an assortment of traditional Italian dishes with Houston-style flair. Tons of pasta are served in various shapes – like penne topped with garlic-sautéed shrimp while pizzas come in meatballs or Sicilian style. The restaurant also offers a full bar service, including specialty cocktails and an assortment of wines. Customers can choose from wine by glass or bottle, which is presented on ice to maintain the temperatures.

Price range: $$$

Website: https://www.arturoboadacuisine.com/

Address: 6510 Del Monte Dr, Houston, TX 77057

# 1 – Damian’s Cucina Italiana

If you are looking for an amazing Italian meal, Damian’s is the place to go. With a variety of different dishes on the menu, Damian’s will have something that you like. The dinner menu also has a lot of appetizers, such as fried calamari and chicken wings, but my favorite appetizers are the Italian meatballs and the bruschetta. There is also live entertainment if you want a night out with the perfect Italian food.

On top of all the great food they serve, they also have a friendly atmosphere that makes you feel like part of the family. With two dueling grand pianos setting the mood, it is a great place to entertain friends and family or take a quiet romantic dinner with your partner. The Dueling Piano Bar and Italian cuisine are sure to impress any guest.

Price range: $$$

Website: https://www.damians.com/

Address: 3011 Smith St, Houston, TX 77006

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