Top 5 Nightlife Districts In Dallas Texas

Nightlife Districts In Dallas

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The city of Dallas is part of the largest, most diverse metroplex in the state of Texas. It goes without saying, then, that the city must have some very interesting attractions. As a Dallas native, I am here to say that the most breathtaking feature of the city living isn’t the unique architecture or even the city’s majestic skyline. What consistently attracts locals and visitors alike, more than anything else, is the city’s nightlife. In some neighborhoods more than others, Dallas’ nightlife shines like no other. At times, NightLife in Dallas can be just as satisfying as places like New York, Boston, London and so many other great world cities. If you’re ever in the town, be sure to look into visiting any of these 5 Nightlife Districts In Dallas on any given evening.


The first on our 5 Nightlife Districts In Dallas list would have to be the combined areas of Oak Lawn and Uptown. Located just north of downtown, this area is home to several bars and restaurants that demand your attention. Take Buzzbrew’s at Lemmon, for instance. With 4 other locations across the city, Buzzbrew’s Lemmon is the ideal restaurant for any socialite in the area. One of their greatest features is their coffee. Only being sold by the pound or half a pound, their brewed coffee is free inside the restaurant; the hardest choice is which of their countless blends to pick from! While you’re there, also take a look at the Impossible Burger on their 24-hour menu.


Just between West Dallas and Downtown is the sprawling Trinity Groves area. Not even a decade old, this young district has a variety of restaurants at its heart. A plaza of shops, restaurants, and patio dining is the most noticeable feature of the area. Night goers would enjoy relaxing at Souk, a Mediterranean Kebab house, complete with hookah lounge and belly dancing. A more southern option would be grabbing a bite to eat at Babbs, the barbecue joint with live music and a lunch line themed buffet. Right across the parking lot from there, visitors can get some dessert at the Cake Bar. My personal favorite is the classic red velvet cake, but the Cake Bar has a wide variety of cakes to suit anyone’s sweet tooth.

Besides eating out, there are a handful of other small stores and companies outlining the district, including a barbershop, convenience store, brewery, and even a street art gallery not too far removed from the whole scene. Of course, the entrance to Trinity Groves, the Margaret Hunt-Hill Bridge, marks the end of the Woodall Rodgers Freeway and has a pedestrian bridge that locals have dubbed “The Bridge.”

The Bridge, formerly the bridge that connected West Dallas to Downtown, was repurposed for leisurely foot traffic after the Margaret Hunt-Hill bridge was completed and is a spot for many events to be hosted at. Along The Bridge itself is a host of kid-friendly installments and seating, all with views to the rest of Trinity Groves, the Trinity River park trail and Levee, and Downtown Dallas. There are opportunities to live comfortably and luxuriously with a suite of apartment complexes around the area as well.


Right along highway 35E is the design district, a location full of visually pleasing buildings, as well as entertainment and one of my favorite restaurant discoveries. Rodeo Goat is a restaurant with a patio bar, live sports, and “Goat chips,” a type of in-house potato chip that only the restaurant offers. Besides that, the joint offers a list of specialty burgers that can only be found at the other respective Rodeo Goats, found across the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

Just a few minutes away from there is the ever famous Medieval Times, a themed theatre where Champions of the people compete against each other in a series of medieval challenges. With themed food available, the entire experience is meant to feel like a jump back in time. Guests can enjoy the food just as the kings and nobles of old had: without utensils.

If medieval food and specialty burgers are both too heavy, then perhaps you might a more casual, lighter meal out at Ascension Coffee. A small, relaxing cafe, Ascension has a calm atmosphere and offers an assortment of types of caffeinated drinks, including macchiatos, espressos, and the like. All authentically made, these drinks share the space on the shop’s menu with paninis, salads, and even vegemite toast.


The Bishop Arts District was one of the first areas I adventured in, and it still is one of my favorite areas within the city. Along any given street, one could find countless places to eat, shop, and browse. Take the district’s namesake for example: on North Bishop Avenue there’s an old-fashioned hamburger place just across the street from a pie shop comparable to the Cake Bar mentioned earlier. Further down Bishop is an ambitious Italian restaurant and Bar, Eno’s Pizza Tavern, with meatballs that would put all other meatballs to shame.

Just a street or two down, there’s a shop that offers a variety of grilled cheese sandwiches as their focal point. If you aren’t entirely feeling too hungry, then there are still many places one could browse or venture to. Saints and Sinners Tattoo is right next door to a studio, both of which are next to a clothing outlet. If you’re low on money, or just want to see what is around, you could admire some of the art you would see across the area, like the wall art across the street from Saints and Sinners. Around the very edges of Bishop Arts, one could find homes that have been converted into hobby shops, such as Detective Bookstore or the pie shop from earlier.


Among all of these areas to visit, the premier location for enjoying the nightlife in Dallas would be Deep Ellum, hands down. Deep Ellum, home to another BuzzBrews location, has an endless selection of bars, clubs, venues, shops, and restaurants to enjoy until the late night hours. Elm Street, the area’s namesake, is the busiest street that side of downtown Dallas. The bars there all have their own particular themes, including a Latino bar, piano bar, rock n’ roll bar, and one with an arcade. All walking distance from each other, these bars are neighbors to restaurants like Serious Pizza, whose pizzas are incredibly large.

One of the most well-known features of Deep Ellum would be the performance venues there, where local, international, and foreign acts alike perform for music enthusiasts. These venues include Trees, Canton Hall, and The Bomb Factory, all of which can host several big-name acts in any given month. Peppered with comedy clubs, art shops, and many other attractive establishments, Deep Ellum boasts a busy weeknight and an even busier weekend. A key time to visit, however, would be on any 13th of the month, as long as it’s a Friday. In relation to its main street, Deep Ellum makes any Friday the 13th a special night, with discounts and special offers across most of the businesses in the area.

Dallas is consistently growing and expanding, both as a city and a metroplex. Surrounding cities like Arlington and Denton may seem to be burgeoning social utopias, but I believe that Dallas is truly the heart of entertainment in North Texas. If you visit these 5 areas and districts, I’m sure you’ll find yourself in agreement.

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