10 Sexiest Movies On Amazon Prime

Sexiest Movies On Amazon Prime

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Our Top 10 Sexiest Movies On Amazon Prime will take a look at the sexiest movies on Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime is a paid subscription service through Amazon. It was launched in 2005. Amazon Prime allows you to stay up to date with the latest and most popular movies and TV shows. It is a streaming app that competes with other apps such as Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu as well as other apps.

Amazon Prime has over 200 million members. If you are the type that wants to spend an evening at home, you can check out the sexiest movies on Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime has one of the widest variety of movies for you to choose. You can watch comedies, mysteries, thrillers, action, dramas, etc. This Top 10 Sexiest Movies On Amazon Prime will feature the sexiest movies from the past to the present.

# 10 – Afternoon Delight

The first movie on our Top 10 Sexiest Movies On Amazon Prime is Afternoon Delight. The dramedy stars Kathryn Hahn, Juno Temple, Josh Radnor, Jane Lynch and Michaela Watkins. The movie is about a married couple who finds themselves in a rut. Rachel (Kathryn Hahn) decides to take her husband Jeff (Josh Radnor) to a strip club to spice up their marriage.

They meet a stripper named McKenna (Juno Temple). After she gives them a private dance, Rachel decides to invite her to live with them. While McKenna is there, Rachel and Jeff’s marriage gets tested. This is something that married couples can watch if they want to spice up their relationship. There is a lot of drama as well as sexy scenes throughout the movie. Men get a chance to see a woman stripping on TV without getting in trouble. Women may feel like the scenes objectify women, but the drama will satisfy them. It is interesting to see how their marriage gets tested.

There are intimate scenes between one of the couple’s and McKenna that will whet your sexual appetite. We won’t spoil which one attempts to break their vows, but the scenes are worth watching. The cast has various looks so there is eye candy for everyone to check out in this movie. If you like sexy drama with exotic dancing, this movie is worth checking out.

# 9 – Closer

The next movie on our Top 10 Sexiest Movies On Amazon Prime is Closer. The romantic drama stars Julia Roberts, Natalie Portman, Jude Law and Clive Owen. The movie is about a woman named Alice (Natalie Portman). She is a stripper who moves to London. While she is there, she meets a man named Dan (Jude Law). While she is talking to him, she gets hit by a taxi. Dan takes her to the hospital. He instantly falls for her and they begin dating.

After a year, he decides to write a book about her. Unfortunately, Dan gets bored with Alice. He starts flirting with a photographer named Anna (Julia Roberts). He helps Anna get together with a man named Larry (Clive Owen). Dan tries to string Alice and Anna along. Anna ends up marrying Larry but tries to break up Dan and Anna’s relationship. The movie is all about seduction, love and betrayal. The writers came up with a realistic script that explores what happens when relationships turn sour. There are a lot of sexy scenes in the movie. Natalie Portman looks like the girl next door, so it was different to see her play an exotic stripper.

She got a chance to play a sexy role. She was able to pull it off. She does look sexy in this movie. Jude Law and Clive Owen play bad characters, but they look good doing it. They are sexy beyond belief in this movie. Their bodies are worth staring at throughout the movie.

# 8 – Newness

The romantic drama stars Nicholas Hoult, Laia Costa, Danny Huston, Courtney Eaton, Matthew Gray Gubler and Jessica Henwick. The story follows Martin (Nicholas Hoult) and Gabi (Laia Costa). They meet through a dating app. They decide to get together and meet at a bar. They argue as they get to know each other.

They end up having intense sexual moments with each other. The couple face an obstacle when Martin’s ex-wife Bethany (Pom Klementieff) tries to come between them. Martin and Gabi break up because of Bethany. Gabi ends up dating someone else. The movie teaches you to learn from your mistakes. It will make your relationship stronger. This is the perfect movie to watch with the person you love. Martin and Gabi have incredible chemistry with each other.

They have sizzling sexual scenes with each other. The sex scenes are intense so you shouldn’t have the kids around while you are watching it. The scenes may get you and the person you love in the mood. Nicholas Hoult and Laia Costa are incredibly sexy. They are both physically fit and will drive women and men crazy. They both have exotic looks that will cause you to stare at them throughout the movie. Pom Klementieff is also a beautiful woman. It is easy to see why Martin would be torn between Gabi and Bethany.

# 7 – Sex and Breakfast

The romantic movie stars Macaulay Culkin, Alexis Dziena, Eliza Dushku, Kuno Becker, Jaime Ray Newman and Eric Lively. The movie is about two couples who decide to use sex as a way to fix their relationships. They have to decide what makes their relationships work. James (Macaulay Culkin) and Heather (Alexis Dziena) feel as if their relationship is forced. She is overbearing with him. He realizes he is being manipulated by her. He wants to change how their relationship is.

Ellis (Kuno Becker) and Renee (Eliza Dushku) realize the spark has died in their relationship. They are afraid that their relationship is about to end. She finds herself bored with him. The two couples decide to see a doctor to spice up their relationships. The movie teaches you ways to rekindle your relationship. It is well written drama about what to do to make your relationship work again. The idea of swingers may not appeal to everyone, but the plot is different.

This sexy movie is perfect for couples who are going through slumps and need to rekindle the spark. It will also make you appreciate what you have at home if your relationship is good. Fans may remember Macaulay Culkin as Kevin from Home Alone. You may be surprised to see him playing a role like this. The rest of the actors do an excellent job with the material. The women are sexy and attractive. They have incredibly exotic looks. The guys look like boys next door. They don’t look like the type that would get involved in swinger relationships, but they pull it off.

# 6 – Her Composition

The dramatic fantasy stars Christian Campbell, Joslyn Jensen, Lulu Wilson, Kevin Breznahan and Margot Bingham. A music student named Malorie (Joslyn Jensen) gets involved with escorts after she doesn’t get the scholarship she wants. She gets dumped by her boyfriend because he thinks she is dull. She is on the verge of losing her apartment because the rent goes up. She decides to become a sex worker to solve all of her problems.

She turns her sexual encounters with her clients into a musical composition. This is a striking movie built around her sexual awakening. Malorie decides to reinvent herself through her new career as a sex worker. What stands out about this movie is the actress doesn’t look like the type of woman who would become a sex worker. She looks like the girl next door. If you and your partner like to watch movies with a lot of sexual scenes, this is the movie for you.

Malorie is with different men so you will get the chance to see different sexual scenes. The movie isn’t just about sex. She wants to become a musician. Her goal is to make her work more interesting. The movie is about female empowerment. She wants to create music and she needs inspiration for it. This is different. It gives her a chance to explore her sexual side.

# 5 – My Awkward Sexual Adventure

The next movie on our Top 10 Sexiest Movies On Amazon Prime is My Awkward Sexual Adventure. The movie stars Emily Hampshire, Jonas Chernick, Sarah Manninen, Melissa Elias, Andrea del Campo and Vik Sahay. The movie is about a man named Jordan (Jonas Chernick) who has been in love with a woman named Rachel (Sarah Manninen) since he was 12.

He finally gets the girl of his dreams. Jordan wants to marry Rachel. He wants to take her to Niagra Falls to propose to her. She doesn’t want to go on the trip and ends up dumping him. She dumps him because he is lousy in bed. She doesn’t want to have bad and boring sex with him for the rest of her life. He decides to get help from an exotic dancer named Julia (Emily Hampshire). They make a deal. She helps him learn to be a better lover and he helps her with finances.

If you’re looking for a sexy movie, this movie is worth checking out. It features a lot of sexy scenes between Jordan and Julia. The script is well written. It is a realistic story about sex. In movies, people always enjoy sexual encounters. Some couples don’t always enjoy having sex with each other and that is displayed in this film. Jordan humbles himself by getting help from an exotic dancer. This movie is perfect for couples who need tips on how to improve their sex lives. The tips used in the movie could help repair relationships in need of help. The tips can be helpful if you don’t need help improving your sex life.

# 4 – Sexy Beast

The crime romance stars Ben Kingsley, Ray Winstone, Julianne White, Ian McShane and Amanda Redman. The movie is about an ex-con named Gal (Ray Winstone) who has served time in prison. He goes home to his wife and enjoys a happy life with her. Their happiness is short lived when his nemesis Don (Ben Kingsley) persuades him to go to London for one last job. Gal decides to take part in the heist to protect his wife. The movie has a lot of action scenes that will hold your interest.

If you are a fan of heist movies, you will enjoy this film. This is something you can watch with your partner if you love movies with a lot of action and drama. You would think that a heist movie wouldn’t be sexy, but this one actually is. Gal risks his freedom for the woman he loves. There is nothing sexier than watching a man do whatever he can to protect someone he loves. Villains can be sexy and exciting. Ben Kingsley is the film’s villain, and he is sexy.

He is angry and mysterious. He is also a little crazy and can actually be a turn on for some people. The women are sexy and attractive. They are proof that age doesn’t affect beauty. You don’t have to be in your 20s or 30s to be considered sexy. The men are sexy and distinguished looking. They are proof that men get better with age. This is a movie for the grown and sexy.

# 3 – Sex and Lucia

The dramatic romance stars Paz Vega, Elena Anaya, Najwa Nimri, Tristan Ulloa and Daniel Freire. The movie is about a woman named Lucia (Paz Vega). She finds out that her boyfriend Lorenzo (Tristan Ulloa) has committed suicide. She decides to go to a Spanish island. She meets a scuba diver named Carlos (Daniel Freire). She also meets Elena (Najwa Nimri).

Elena is Lorenzo’s ex-lover. Lucia finds out more about Lorenzo’s past and discovers the root of his depression. Don’t let the title of the movie fool you. It isn’t just about gratuitous sex. The movie has a lot of twists and turns. Lucia finds out different secrets about Lorenzo’s past. She also flashes back to her relationship with Lorenzo so viewers will get a chance to see what their relationship was life before he died. Let’s get to the steamy sexy love scenes. Lorenzo and Lucia are shown through flashbacks having steamy love scenes.

They don’t leave anything to be desired. They are very provocative. The writers wanted to create sensuality for the viewers. You will get your sex quota filled with this film. There’s a lot of teasing and playfulness between the characters. It will put you in the mood to create the scenes you are watching. The movie takes place on a romantic and remote island. The exotic location is perfect for the plot. Paz Vega is an attractive woman. She has exotic looks. She has a sexy accent that is perfect for the bedroom.

# 2 – 9 ½ Weeks

The romantic drama stars Mickey Rourke, Kim Basinger, Margaret Whitton, Christine Baranski and David Margulies. The movie is about two strangers named John (Mickey Rourke) and Elizabeth (Kim Basinger). John is a Wall Street trader while Elizabeth is an art gallery assistant. They immediately get involved in a relationship. Things get sexual very fast. John wants to have more daring and kinky sex with Elizabeth.

Elizabeth enjoys sex with John, but she realizes that’s all he wants from her. She has to decide whether she wants to stay in the relationship or not. This movie is the prehistoric Fifty Shades of Grey. Viewers in this movie should expect to see a lot of kinky sex. Couples can enjoy watching this movie, but you shouldn’t watch it with the children around. They will need to cover their eyes because the sex is provocative. The movie isn’t just about the sex.

There is a hint of romance because Elizabeth wants more out of John than just sex. Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger have sizzling sexual chemistry with each other. Their sex scenes are enticing. During the height of this movie, Mickey Rourke was one of the sexiest men in Hollywood. He looks sexy in this movie. Kim Basinger is stunningly beautiful and has a sexy body. She looks like a model. They look like they were made for each other in this movie.

# 1- Fatal Attraction

The number one movie on our Top 10 Sexiest Movies On Amazon Prime is Fatal Attraction. The thriller drama stars Michael Douglas, Glenn Close and Anne Archer. The movie is about a man named Dan (Michael Douglas) who has a perfect marriage. When his wife Beth (Anne Archer) goes away for the weekend, he meets a woman named Alex (Glenn Close). They have an affair with each other. He is in over his head as he continues his erotic affair throughout the weekend. He wants the relationship to end when his wife comes home. Unfortunately for Dan, Alex isn’t ready to let go. She begins to stalk him and make his life miserable.

This is a water cooler movie. It had people talking about whether or not they would have an affair with someone they didn’t know. What would you do if the person you are cheating with starts stalking you? Do you keep quiet, or do you say something? This sexy thriller will leave you on the edge of your seat. The sexual scenes were hot and steamy. The movie was released in the 80s, but the sex scenes will still hold up today. It is strange that the writers chose to show the sex scenes between Dan and Alex, but no sex scenes with his wife. To his credit, Dan is loving towards Beth before he hooks up with Alex. He proved that he could be romantic and still have a big sexual appetite for someone who wasn’t his wife. This movie is a classic, but it is still just as sexy today as it was when it was released.

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