10 Sexiest Villains On TV Now

Sexiest Villains On TV Now

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Our Top 10 Sexiest Villains On TV Now list will take a look at the sexiest villains on TV. Villains are vital to the shows. They help keep shows moving. They add drama to the shows and make things exciting. Villains are the characters who do things that will shock the audience. They are selfish people who do whatever they want to get what they want. They don’t care who they hurt in order to get what they want. In fact, they will go out of their way to scheme so they can get what they want.

The villains on our Top 10 Sexiest Villains On TV list have done things that will surprise you in one way or the other. Some of the villains may seem like they are too evil to live, but they are the characters you won’t forget. They are also the characters that you love to hate. They spend a lot of time plotting against the heroes and victims. They are also sexy characters on the shows. Some of the characters on our list have sexy and steamy relationships despite what they have done to people. Our Top 10 Sexiest Villains On TV list will feature some of the evilest characters on television. Who do you think will be number one on our list?

# 10 – Tyka Sumpter – Candice Young

The first person on our Top 10 Sexiest Villains On TV list is Tyka Sumpter from Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots. She plays the feisty Candice Young on the TV series. She is a villain on the show because she has done so many terrible things on the show. She is a hustler who only thinks about herself. She uses married men for money, and she blackmails them. She had an affair with Jim Cryer (John Schneider who appears on the list) and wanted to get money from him. She used his daughter to worm her way into his life. She forgets about her son because she won’t miss an opportunity to get what she wants. She is a madam and she abuses her prostitutes if they don’t do what she says. The list goes on and on. Candice is sexy despite the bad things she does on the show. Men are very attracted to her and want to go to bed with her

Tyka Sumpter got her start as a model. It’s not a surprise that she was a model because she is a beautiful woman. She has breathtakingly beautiful dark skin. Her skin is flawless. In addition to being a model, she appeared on soap operas and movies before she landed her breakthrough role on Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots. Tyka Sumpter is proof that you can be beautiful without looking like everyone else on TV. As we said, she has a beautiful complexion that will make women envious. She has a sexy body without being too thin. She has a figure that will make her the envy of other women. Men will enjoy watching her while she flaunts her perfect body onscreen.

# 9 – Eltony Williams – Randall Holmes

The next person on our Top 10 Sexiest Villains On TV list is Eltony Williams. Eltony Williams plays Randall Holmes on Tyler Perry’s If Loving You Is Wrong. Eltony Williams played Randall since the beginning. His character was evil on the show. He was a married man who had an affair with his wife’s friend. He became obsessed with her. He was willing to destroy his lover’s life in order to be with her. He also tried to destroy his wife’s life when she wanted to divorce him. He didn’t want his wife anymore, but he didn’t want her to leave him. He was a nasty man to anyone who stood in his way of being back with his mistress. He went from being a man in love to being a villainous character. He is a sexy man who was able to turn the head of a married woman. He did terrible things, but his wife still wanted to be with him.

Eltony Williams has appeared on other TV shows before he landed his big role on Tyler Perry’s If Loving You Is Wrong. Eltony Williams is in excellent shape. He has a muscular body. He was a former body builder which explains his incredible body. He would make any woman want to cheat on their husbands just to be with him. They may want their men to look like Eltony Williams. Luckily, he was often shown on the show with his shirt off. It gave viewers a chance to check out his sexy body. In addition to his sexy body, he has a warm and sexy smile. His teeth are so white that they are electrifying. There’s no way you can avoid smiling when you see him smile. It is very infectious.

# 8 – Colman Jason Domingo  – Victor Strand

While the Walking Dead will be hailed as one of the most successful and addicting television series of all time, there have been a few successful spinoffs from the show over the years. Perhaps the most successful spinoff is the grand series Fear The Walking Dead. Fueling the success of the series has been the character of Victor Stand played by Colman Jason Domingo. Up until this current season, the character of Victor who has always been seen as selfish has battled between being a hero and a villain. However, after the past two seasons, it’s pretty safe to say that after throwing many innocent people off the roof to their deaths, Victor has turned into a full-fledged villain who has given the word scheme new meaning. The power he yields in the apocalypse as he drinks his fine bourbon calmly in comfy chairs, we have to say is quite….sexy.

# 7 – Camila Banus

Camila Banus plays Gabi Hernandez on Days of Our Lives. She has played the character for many years. Her character started out as a good person, but she changed into a villainess. She set her best friend up to be kidnapped. She went after another best friend’s husband. Gabi tried to gaslight the best friend so she could keep her husband. She wouldn’t help someone who was having a heart attack. Gabi made her nemesis beg in order to get the heart needed to save her. She made her nemesis stand her fiancé up for their wedding so Gabi could marry him herself. She even stoops so low as to use her daughter to justify the things she has done. Gabi is a villainess, but she has sex appeal. She is the bad girl you would love to hate.

Camila Banus got her start in show business when she appeared on One Life to Live. She went on to star on her breakthrough role on Days of Our Lives. She appeared in numerous shows while she was on Days of Our Lives. Camila Banus has a sexy and voluptuous body. She has sexy curves. She isn’t pencil thin and that is a good thing because she is shapely. She has a figure that women would love to copy, and men would love to stare at all day. She even has a sexy accent to go along with her body. She has smooth olive skin that is the epitome of perfection. When she is not on the show, she doesn’t wear a lot of makeup, so she is a natural beauty.

# 6 – Elizabeth Gilles – Fallon Carrington

Elizabeth Gilles plays Fallon Carrington on Dynasty. She has been on the show since the first season. She has spent the majority of the time trying to get her father’s company. She is a spoiled rich girl who always tries to get what she wants. She doesn’t care what she has to do in order to get it. She is a manipulator and doesn’t care who she has to hurt to get her way. She uses men to further her agenda. She used her family’s enemy to get their business. She is sassy and sexy at the same time. She is someone you would love to hate.

Elizabeth Gilles started her career on Broadway when she was a teenager. She went on to appear in movies and TV shows. She got her big break when she was cast in the reboot of Dynasty. She is not someone you would immediately think of if you picture the sexiest women on TV. Her sex appeals lie in the way she carries herself. She is confident and sassy. She has a curvy body that looks flawless in her clothes. She is not afraid to show off her body. She never overdoes it with the wardrobe. She shows just enough skin to entice the viewers. She has beautiful red hair that matches her fiery personality.

# 5 – William Zabka – Johnny Lawrence

The next person on our Top 10 Sexiest Villains on TV list is William Zabka. Willaim Zabka plays Johnny Lawrence on Cobra Kai. He played this character in the first Karate Kid movie. He revises his character for the show. Johnny is a villain because he is an alcoholic. He is an absentee father. He treats his students badly when he first meets them. He still has issues with Daniel. He refuses to let go of the hatred he had for him years ago. Johnny sneaks around with his student’s mother. He also taught his class to fight dirty in order to win. He upstaged Daniel when he was trying to get students. Johnny is sexy in a bad boy kind of way. He is willing to step on anyone who gets in his way of winning the karate tournament. He is not as bad as other characters on our list, but he isn’t a saint by any means. He is the villain with the heart of gold. He has a soft spot for one of his students.

William Zabka got his start in show business playing bullies in 80s movies so it made sense that he would be a bully in Karate Kid. He has appeared in numerous TV shows and movies before he joined Cobra Kai. Cobra Kai gave William Zabka a chance to gain popularity that he didn’t have before the TV show. He has the typical Hollywood look because he is blonde and has blue eyes. He has a sexy body for a man his age. He is like a fine wine. He is in great shape. He doesn’t have a six pack, but he is in great shape. He looks like he can still fight in the ring. His face defies his age because he looks young for his age.

# 4 – Giancarlo Esposito – Gustavo “Gus” Fring

One can’t argue that Breaking Bad stands as simply one of the greatest television series ever produced. As much credit as Bryan Cranston deserves for his award-wining performances as Walter White, one can’t forget the amazing cast that surrounded Bryan Cranston for those glorious five seasons. The cast was so good, that a handful of them moved on to the show’s sequel Better Call Saul. One of our favorite characters from the show was Giancarlo Esposito who played Gustavo “Gus” Fring. If we wanted to define the term sexy smooth villain, we would simply just place Giancarlo Esposito’s name in front of the term.

# 3 – Kathryn Hahn – Agatha Harkness

There is nothing scarier than a character who at first portrays the friendly mom next door but then winds up turning into a dark evil but very sexy villain that is consumed by acquiring power. That’s the character that Kathryn Hahn plays so well in the Disney+ presentation of Marvel’s Wander Vision. The amazing series that ran for only one season stands as Marvel’s best television series yet. The show was fueled by Elizabeth Olson’s brilliant charters Wander who we are all trying to figure out which side of good or evil does she really lie on. However, there is no doubt about Agatha as she began to steal the show as the series went on. She was so good, she is now getting her own series. Now that’s sexy.  Don’t miss the trailer below, as you will see exactly what we mean.

# 2 – Jodie Marie Comer – Villanelle

One of the greatest villains in television history that we have ever seen is none other than Jodie Marie Comer’s performance as the hitwoman Oksana Astankova also known as Villanelle. This super sexy character has been entertaining television audiences for the past four seasons on the AMC Hit drama Killing Eve.  Hands down she stands as one of the most vicious killers that you will ever fall for on the television screen. There is just something super sexy about her as she plunges a dagger through your heart if you know what we mean. She knows she’s evil and in many ways, she seems to enjoy being evil no matter how many times she tried to change. She just never tried that hard enough, as it always go bad.

# 1 – Maurice Benard – Sonny Corinthos

The number one person on our Top 10 Sexiest Villains On TV list is Maurice Benard. Maurice Benard plays Sonny Corinthos on General Hospital. He has been playing the character since 1993. He is a villain because he is involved in the mob. He has killed his fair share of people. He has cheated on his spouses. He was responsible for his son being shot in the head. He has an illegal business. He wanted to be the only mob boss in town, so he wanted to take out the other crime families. He is a sexy villain because he has a soft spot for the people he loves. They are his redeeming qualities.

Maurice Benard got his start in acting when he appeared on the soap opera All My Children. He appeared in several movies throughout his career. His big break came when he was cast in the role of Sonny Corinthos. He makes the mafia look sexy. He is a bad boy type. He has rugged good looks. He has adorable dimples that make him look even sexier. He has olive skin. He has gorgeous black hair. He looks good in a suit. The suits he wears help create his bad boy persona. It’s no wonder he has been with a lot of women on the show. The women he was with want to be with him again. His character is exciting and dangerous so that makes him sexy. He is one of the sexiest men in daytime television.

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