10 Sexiest TV Shows On USA Network

Sexiest TV Shows On USA Network

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Our Top 10 Sexiest TV Show On USA Network list takes a look at the sexiest shows on the USA Network. The USA Network is a basic cable channel. The network is owned by the NBC Universal Television and streaming division. It’s part of the Comcast family. The network wasn’t always the USA Network. It used to be called the Madison Square Garden Sports Network when it was launched in 1977. When it launched, it was one of the first sports networks on cable TV. It didn’t stay a sports network long before it was relaunched. The network relaunched in 1980 and became the USA Network. It remained the USA Network ever since and became popular because of its original programming. It became really popular because of its deal with the WWE.

The USA Network has different types of shows. It features wrestling, reality shows, dramas, mysteries as well as other shows. The network doesn’t shy away from sexy shows. If sexy bodies turn you on, this is definitely the network for you. There are plenty of shows that can satisfy your eye candy fix. If primetime soap operas turn you on, there is something for you too. Sexiness can be defined in different ways on this network. This Top 10 Sexiest TV Shows On USA Network list will introduce some shows to you.

There are a lot of shows on the USA Network that have something for everyone. This Top 10 Sexiest TV Shows On USA Network list will feature a variety of shows that will appease your sexual appetite. Some of the shows are still on the air while some are no longer showing new episodes. See which shows made the list.

# 10 – Pearson

The first show on our Top 10 Sexiest TV Shows On USA Network list is Pearson. The show originally aired in 2018. The political drama is about a lawyer who wants to make up for her past mistakes. She wants to reconnect with her family. Jessica was a big attorney who was disbarred. She leaves the big firm that she worked at in New York City to move to Chicago. She becomes a fixer for the mayor of Chicago. She must deal with crooked and shady dealings with her new job. She is at a crossroads between doing the right thing or doing her job.

The show is similar to Scandal because both females are fixers for people in a political positions. The show has a lot of drama and angst to keep viewers interested. It is edgy and sexy. Jessica is an attractive woman. She’s not just about her looks. She is an intelligent businesswoman. These two qualities alone make her a sexy character. She isn’t pencil-thin. She has a sexy and curvy body. People appreciate sexy women who are shapely with curves. The rest of the characters are attractive in their own way. There is a variety of characters for you to enjoy. There are different age ranges on the cast. There are younger characters as well as older characters on the show. They are proof that sexiness came come at any age. The show may not be airing any new episodes, but you can still enjoy watching the show.

# 9 – The Sinner

The next show on our Top 10 Sexiest TV Shows On USA Network is The Sinner. The show is based on a book of the same name. The crime drama and mystery is about a detective named Harry Ambrose who investigates a new homicide each season. He uses unusual tricks to solve cases. He is also an empathetic detective which allows him to solve crimes. His past his allows him to be dedicated to his job. He gets close to the suspects at large. The Sinner is a mix of mystery and raw drama. The writing is electrifying and has standout performances from the cast.

The writers decided to tone down the darkness of the book for the show. They also changed the location. The book takes place in Germany while the show takes place in New York. The show has different investigations for each season. It gives you a chance to see a mix of people on the show. It’s good that the show focuses on one crime at a time, so it gives you a chance to get to know the characters as the story unfolds.

Speaking of the characters on the show, they are a mix of people on the show. There is a lot of sexy eye candy for you to enjoy. If you like sexy bodies, there are people on the show who have sexy bodies. If you like smart and sexy characters, you will find them on this show. The show also has sexy villains and vixens for you to enjoy.

# 8 – Fairly Legal

The show originally aired in 2011. The dramedy is about a lawyer named Kate who is tired of the legal system and how it works. She decides to leave her family’s law firm to start a new career. She decides to be a mediator instead of a lawyer. She uses her legal skills and humor to resolve disputes. Her legal skills can’t seem to help her with her personal life. She has problems with her husband Justin.

Her personal problems are going to test her ability to do her job. The show was original and had potential. There was a lot of chemistry between Kate and Justin. They were having problems, but you can see the sexual chemistry between the two characters. They were made for each other even though they were having marital problems. Kate also had chemistry with a new love interest named Ben. They also had sexual chemistry with each other.

The writers made it possible to have the audience root for Kate to be with both men. Kate is a sexy-looking woman. She has exotic looks and could have any man she wants. She has long beautiful hair and a beautiful figure. She has a body women would love to have. She is Iranian American. There aren’t too many Iranian American actresses on television, so she is a great representation for them. Justin is very distinguished looking. He is like a fine wine. He is easy on the eyes. Ben is very handsome. He is also easy on the eyes. He has a sexy Australian accent that you can listen to all day. The rest of the cast are distinguished and good looking.

# 7 – Royal Pains

The dramedy originally aired in 2009. The show is about a doctor who was on his way to a successful career but hits a speed bump. He is blamed for the death of a hospital trustee. He is blackballed from the medical community when he is accused of the death of the trustee. His life changes for the better when he happens to be in the Hamptons for the weekend. He helps someone at a party who needs medical attention. He goes into private practice.

He becomes a doctor for rich and famous people. He also becomes a doctor for criminals. It’s not the life he envisioned for himself. It’s a fun show. The characters are upbeat and positive. The show will keep you in stitches because you will be laughing a lot. The lead is incredibly handsome. He is so sexy that it would be hard to have him as a doctor. He would make you want to be sick all the time so he can check on you. The rest of the characters look like models who would frequent the Hamptons.

They are physically fit and look amazing in their clothes. The characters have a lot of sizzling chemistry with each other. They look as if they have known each other all their lives. If the characters aren’t enough, the location shots are breathtaking and exotic. It makes you want to go out there and visit. The scenes are perfect for romancing the person you love. The beaches are beautiful. This show doesn’t have any new episodes, but you could enjoy the repeats.

# 6 – Suits

The drama originally aired in 2011. The show lasted for nine seasons. The show is about lawyers who work at a law firm. Harvey must deal with two of his lawyers leaving his firm. The team must adjust to working without the associates who left the firm. They deal with betrayals, hot relationships and juicy secrets that are bound to be revealed. The team deals with rivalries among each other. What can be sexier than this? This is a modern-day version of L.A. Law. This show has the makings of a juicy nighttime soap opera.

The show is brilliantly written. You can learn about the ins and outs of the corporate world from the show. The characters are extremely talented and skilled. The show will keep you on the edge of your seat. The stories are so interesting that you will never get bored with the show. The characters wear sexy and stylish clothes. The men wear tailored three-piece suits. The women wear glamorous business suits. The actors and actresses look like models instead of lawyers. Here is a fun fact about the show. For those of you who don’t know, Meghan Markle appears on the show. The actors and actresses are physically fit and look good in and out of their clothes.

The characters have romantic and passionate relationships with each other. They never go overboard with the sex scenes. It’s just enough to make you want to see more scenes. The law firm looks magnificent. It is trendy and hip. It makes you wish you worked at the firm just to admire the view of the firm.

# 5 – Silk Stalkings

The next show on our Top 10 Sexiest TV Shows On USA Network list is Silk Stalkings. The show originally aired in 1991. The show lasted for eight seasons. The crime drama is about detectives named Rita and Chris who solve crimes in Palm Beach, Florida. It is similar to Miami Vice. It is a procedural show that takes place on the beach. The detectives tackled different cases on the show.

The show screams sex. They show shots of beautiful and sexy legs throughout the show. The show takes place on the beach so you know there will be a lot of beautiful bodies in bathing suits within the shots. The beach scenes are also enticing. They are soothing and relaxing. There are excellent shots of the gorgeous ocean. Rita and Chris have electrifying chemistry.

They make solving cases look sexy. They try to keep things professional even though there is underlying chemistry between them. They go from friends to lovers. They don’t look like typical police officers. They look like models. Chris is one of the sexiest male detectives on television. He is definitely appealing to women. He will have women staring at him for hours.

Rita is intelligent and beautiful. She has a lot of passion in her. When Chris and Rita left the show, they were replaced with a divorced couple named Tom and Cassy. They brought heat to the show. They also looked like models instead of cops. They had sexual chemistry with each other. The rest of the cast are attractive. They range from different age groups so there is something for everyone to enjoy.

# 4 – Burn Notice

The show originally aired in 2007. The show lasted for seven seasons. The drama is about a man named Michael Westen who was a spy until he received his burn notice. A burn notice is equivalent to a pink slip. He must return to Miami because he was fired. He wants to find out who is responsible for his burn notice. Since he has a burn notice attached to his name, he doesn’t have access to his contacts. He must do what he can to get information without tipping off his enemies. He must rely on his ex-girlfriend Fiona and his friend Sam who is a former spy. He also must rely on his mother.

The show plays out like a drama and a mystery as Michael tries to figure out who got him fired. It is an underrated, but original show. The show is well-crafted. The show has something for everyone. It has dark and light moments. The characters are always changing so you can see different sides to their personalities. The show makes you feel as if you are a part of the action. The show is filled with secrets as Michael tries to find out who set him up to get fired.

The suspense will leave you on the edge of your seat. The sizzling relationship between Michael and Fiona is like Batman and Catwoman. They have a love/hate relationship that is just enough to keep you enticed. They have sexy sparks between each other. The chemistry between them is fire. They aren’t together, but they have a will they won’t they relationship that is worth investing in. Most of the agents are physically fit. They look sexy in their clothes.

# 3 – Queen Of The South

The drama is about a woman named Teresa who falls in love with someone in a drug cartel. She hopes falling in love with him would change her life for the better. When things don’t go the way she planned, she is forced to leave the country after her boyfriend gets murdered. She goes to America and teams up with someone from her past to take down the drug cartel that is after her.

Teresa ends up starting her own drug cartel and becomes one of the wealthiest women in the world. She finds out the hard way that money can’t fix her problems. She must depend on herself in order to stay a step ahead of the people who are after her. The show is thrilling and exciting. It is very well written. The show has exciting fight scenes, jaw-dropping car chases and amazing special effects. It is like a nighttime soap opera that features minorities. It gives them a chance to be front and center instead of just playing supportive roles on the show.

The cast are sexually appealing. The women are sexy with beautiful bodies. Every man would want to be with them, and every woman would want to be them. The men are the epitome of hot and sexy. They are gorgeous and will have women drooling as they appear onscreen. The men and women look amazing in their clothes. There are some intimate scenes on the show, but they aren’t too graphic.

# 2 – WWE Raw

This is one of the longest running shows on the USA Network. It debuted on the network in 1993. Wrestlers fight each other every week. The show has a lot of drama and action. Fans have been shocked and amazed by all the action displayed by the wrestlers. WWE Raw is like a soap opera for sports. Some of the greatest wrestlers of all time have been in the squared circle.

Some of the wrestlers include Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Ric Flair, John Cena, Triple H, Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, as well as other wrestlers have appeared on the program. If you are familiar with wrestling, then you know all the drama that goes on during the show. Different wrestlers compete each week for different championships. They also fight because of the backstage drama.

They hold nothing back when they are in the ring. Some will fight dirty in order to win a match. You have heroes and villains just like on a scripted television show. When you see your favorite wrestler in the ring, you are part of the action. The rivalries are passionate and explosive. The show features sexy onscreen romances as well as behind the scenes romances.

Most of the wrestlers are in excellent shape so you get to see sexy bodies every week. If you find men with muscles sexy, you will not be disappointed with the show. The women on the show wear revealing clothes so men have eye candy to look at. Don’t let their wardrobe fool you. They are skilled athletes just like the men. It is a popular show that fans of all ages can enjoy.

# 1 – Temptation Island

The number one show on our Top 10 Sexiest TV Shows On USA Network list is Temptation Island. The dating reality show is about couples who test their relationships by going on an island with eligible men and women. The couples go to the island to see if they could be tempted by the eligible men and women. The show has a lot of drama. It is very scandalous.

The couples are allowed to see what their partner is doing on the island. The host shows the couples glimpses of what their partners are doing on the dates with the eligible men and women. This leads to drama because they don’t know how far their partners have gone on the dates. Some of them have sexual relations with single people on the island. The scenes aren’t gratuitous, but you can clearly tell what they are doing under the covers.

The show has a lot of steamy scenes, so it isn’t for young kids. There are lustful scenes for viewers to enjoy. There is a lot of kissing and flirting on the show. There is also a lot of arguing on the show to keep you entertained. The couples as well as the single men and women are in excellent shape. The single men and women must be in excellent shape in order to tempt the couples. The men have six-packs and muscles and will make women drool. They look like male models. The women have beautiful and seductive bodies that will make men want to be with them. The island is exotic and breathtaking. It makes you long to be on the island with the couples and singles.

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