10 Sexiest TV Shows on Showtime

Sexiest TV Shows On Showtime

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Suppose we vote on which premium channel or streaming network with the sexiest content. In that case, there is no doubt that it would be Showtime. Showtime incorporates a slate of steamy content that will offer you daily satisfaction for your binge sessions. So, are you looking for something sexy and juicy? Are you ready for some mood-tuning content? Head on to Showtime and tune in to the following ten sexiest TV shows, and we are sure you will thank us later.


We specifically consider this American serial drama TV show among the sexiest on Showtime for several reasons. But the main reason is that this TV series was groundbreaking upon its release as it put gay men at the narrative’s center. Essentially, this show is why today’s world has well-rounded LGBTQ characters on television. After binge-watching the five seasons, you will understand why it is a steamy show.

The debut season begins with Michael fending off the romantic interest of a certain female at the workplace. But the female coworker doesn’t know that he is gay. After saving Justin from a shocking gay-bashing in the second season, Brian becomes a hero. Everything about every character in this season involves starting or being in relationships. Season three features many things, including Deb’s nervousness about having sex with Carl. In the show’s fifth and last season, Justin and Brian reflect on taking their relationship a step further.


Although ‘Homeland’ is an American thriller TV series, we have every reason to believe that it also qualifies to be one of the sexiest shows on Showtime. Here is the reason. In the show, Carrie Mathison always finds a way of sneaking into the occasional bang sessions amidst her secret missions. The way Claire Danes maintains a close eye on Damian Lewis, her turncoat lover while having sex with his sexy wife, is sensational and sexy. She truly got the nerves. But she ends up getting her revenge on everyone else.

In the show’s first season, Carrie Mathison is a CIA operations officer who now believes that the enemy turned Nicholas Brody, who now poses as a threat to national security. Carrie is working as an ESL teacher in season two after she had to exit the CIA since nobody believed her claims against Nicholas Brody. In season three, a coda reveals that Yevgeny and Carrie are cohabiting. The sexiest part of the show is when Brody asks Carrie out for a drink at night, ending in a drunken sexual encounter in her car. The show proceeds to season eight, balancing Carrie’s occasional banging sessions and secret missions.


When you hear of a show that features a group of bisexual women and lesbians, know that it’s nothing less than hot and sexy. ‘The L Word’ is an American-Canadian TV drama series that began airing on Showtime on 18th January 2004. It primarily focuses on how a group of bisexual women and lesbians live in West Hollywood, California. From Marina and Jenny’s bathroom romp to Tina and Bette’s failed threesome, we have all reasons to believe that this TV series is one of the sexiest on Showtime.

The show’s debut season starts with Tina and Bette using Marcus Allenwood’s sperm to try artificial insemination. Tina and Helena start seeing each other in the second season while Bette deals with alcoholism and her father’s death. Season three features Sweeney’s process of transitioning his name to Max. A sexy scene in season four is about Max going out on a date with Brooke, a straight woman, and his boss’ daughter. The show culminates in season 6, where a friendship celebration ends in disaster.


Are you a spanking fan? Director Jacky St. James has something for you. after being unhappy with the way ’50 Shades of Grey’ portrayed BDSM, she decided to create ‘Submission,’ which has turned out to be an erotic substitute for all spanking fans. After escaping a difficult relationship, Ashley encounters a strange erotic novel (SLAVE). While investigating the novel, she lands into the BDSM world, a place where sexual pleasures, pain, and discipline co-exist. This show stars actual sex performances, making it an erotically charged ride.

The show’s first episode features Ashley struggling in an unhappy relationship. Luckily, she finally breaks up with her lover. The second episode focuses on the book. Dylan finds Ashley reading the book and takes her to the book club to discuss the book further. The one-season and six episodes show ends with Elliott receiving threatening emails from Dylan, threatening to expose him unless he agrees with his conditions.


Our list of the sexiest TV shows on Showtime would not be complete without a reality TV show. ‘Polyamory’ is an American reality TV series that evidently depicts and thoughtfully examines the benefits and challenges of open relationships. We consider this reality TV series one of the sexiest so far on Showtime because of the obscured real sex sexy blend, compromise, real couples’ interview footage, and drama. There is more to this show as the polyamorous families navigate the polyamory challenges.

The first season featured Antony and Lindsey in a legal marriage and dating Vanessa. In their primary relationship, they refer to themselves as ‘The Triad.’ Michael and Kamala are also in a legal marriage, like Tahl and Jen. These four identify themselves as ‘The Pod.’ In season two, ‘The Pod’ is back with another family.


Based on our research, no Showtime’s TV series would occupy the fifth spot better than ‘Californication.’ Although it is an American comedy-drama TV show, it features more sex than you would ever think. ‘Californication’ is a series revolving around the life of a sex addict, and for that reason, it is bound to make our list, right? In the seven-season show, David Duchovny plays a recently divorced husband and a self-loathing writer. David struggles to balance all these things, raising his daughter and having endless sex with all the beautiful women you would ever think of in Southern California. It’s a tough break.

The first season focuses on the months that lead to Karen’s marriage to Bill. The season also introduces us to Hank Moody, Karen’s ex-lover and father of their child Becca. But Moody is a sex-crazed and alcoholic writer trying to win the love of his life back. Hank lands in jail after committing a mistake that leads him to fight a police officer. Meanwhile, Charlie Runkie loses his job due to office masturbation. The show ends in season 7 with Hank bidding for Karen’s heart with a love declaration.


Have you ever watched shows involving kings, queens, princes, princesses, or anything to do with royalties? If not, it’s high time you give one a try. And we have searched for the sexiest in Showtime right now and found ‘The Tudors.’ In the show, King Henry VIII is reining his kingdom and multiple marriages. Everything that happens in these marriages is hot and steamy. With Jonathan Rhys and Natalie Dormer in the lead role and Henry Cavill and Anne Boleyn supporting them, you have one of the sexiest casts on Showtime. Please hurry up, and you will thank us later.

This historical show’s first season features Henry VIII’s reign, where political intrigue and international conflicts tested his kingship effectiveness. In the second season, King Henry is ready to do anything to marry Anne Boleyn, including defying Pope Paul III. Season three features many things, including Henry’s marriages to Anne of Cleves and Jane Seymour. In this season, Henry starts a relationship with Catherine Howard. The fourth season is the show’s final season. It centers on King Henry’s unfortunate matrimony to Catherine Howard and his final marriage to Catherine Parr.


Put yourself in this scenario. You are waiting tables, and in the process, you encounter a charming novelist, and boom, out of nowhere, you start a relationship. And mind you, the novelist that you encounter is married. That’s what happens in ‘The Affair’, where Ruth Wilson and Dominic West play as characters. Although most of this show’s storyline centers on these two characters, others with juicy sub-plots are equally sexy. Everything about this show is sexy, from the affairs to the dramas. Even the title tells it all.

After learning that Alison had a drug-dealing gig with Cole and her brothers-in-law, Noah ends his relationship with Alison in the debut season. The second season features the rising of Noah’s fame in New York City, forcing him to drawback to Montauk. Cole Finally falls in love with Luisa in the same season, leading to their engagement. Season three’s ending is rather sad as Etienne dies from a massive stroke. In season four, Helen experiences major emotional ups and downs from her husband’s approaching death to his affair with Sierra, their neighbor. Season five features more affairs and dramas.


Are you looking for that combination of monsters and hot people on your screens? We have good news for you. ‘Penny Dreadful’ is the show to binge on. Better still, with this sexy show, you have more than enough to sink your teeth into. Why? Because it incorporates a follow-up show, ‘Penny Dreadful: City of Angels.’ The show is a horror drama series that John Logan created for Sky and Showtime. So why is it one of the sexiest shows? It features simulated sex showing bare breasts and buttocks. Some characters even enjoy sexual pleasures with many partners. There are also surgery scenes that include full-frontal nakedness.

The debut season follows Malcolm Murray, the adventurer, and Vanessa Ives hiring Ethan Chandler to assist in Murray’s daughter’s rescue from a strange creature. Season two features the charismatic Evelyn leading a coven of witches to hunt Ives and bring him to Lucifer. And Frankenstein has to marry this creature. The final war for Vanessa Ives’ soul starts in the third and final season after Count Dracula’s appearance in London.


‘Shameless is one of those Showtime’s TV series with a lot to offer. Everything you would think about modern families, from drama to sexual sensations to drug abuse. We presume that by now, you have watched every season. But ‘Shameless’ is that show that you feel like you are watching it for the first time even though you are re-watching it. The show has some of the wildest sex scenes in television history. One of the main protagonists, Fiona Gallagher, is so sexy and appealing mainly because she is unapologetically herself. And it’s not just Fiona.

The debut season begins with a general introduction to Frank Gallagher’s dysfunctional family of six children living in Chicago, Illinois. In the second season, Jody and Sheila become a couple and a nasty one, for that matter. The third season’s episodes become darker as Frank is diagnosed with liver failure. The doctors advise him to stop drinking or die. Fortunately, Frank gets a liver transplant in the fourth season. The show goes all the way to the eleventh season, where Frank’s mental faculties worsen quickly due to alcoholic dementia.


Showtime allows you to stream all the naughtiest and sexiest TV series that it has to offer. Remember to keep these shows away from children as they are inappropriate for their age. Enjoy a fun time of binge-watching.


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