10 Sexiest TV Shows On Fox

Sexiest TV Shows On Fox

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If you have a FOX subscription and want to binge on the sexiest, steamy, and romantic shows on the network, take your remote, some popcorns, and make yourself comfortable on the couch. The reason is that there are more than enough romantic and suggestive shows on Fox. Fox has been serving us with the juiciest content that even outdo other platforms’ content for some time now. After reading this article, if you didn’t think ‘Empire’ was super sexy, you will not doubt it. Other sexy shows on Fox include the likes of ‘The Resident,’ ‘New Girl,’ and ‘Beverly Hills.’ Please keep reading, and let us enlighten you.

# 10 – EMPIRE

At the 10th position on our sexiest TV shows on Fox is ‘Empire.’ This program is an American musical drama show that Danny Strong and Lee Daniels created for Fox. There is a way that sexual relationships and romance always appear in music and drama shows. ‘Empire’ is one of the sexiest in Fox because of its content.e.

The plot revolves around Lucious, the CEO, and founder of a record label. He has been diagnosed with ALS and must select one of his three sons as his heir. But, Cookie is out of prison and wants to recover what is rightfully hers in the company. The debut season begins with Lucious trying to brand Empire entertainment, a ‘family-run’ company. In season two, Vernon is discovered dead, leading to Lucious’ return to the Empire. The show ends in season 6 with new dramas and sexual scandals unfolding.


‘Our Kind of People’ is a must-watch show on FOX TV. If you love watching soap operas, this might be the show where you will find all the romance and drama that make the show enjoyable. It is an American Drama T.V. series that premiered on FOX in 2021. The series revolves around Martha’s Vineyard’s wealthy Black communities. It incorporates some substantial sexual implications and infidelity. In addition to the sexual content, you will enjoy the show’s unending arguments, sneaky behaviors, and plotting that often end up in violent scenes. It is a new show on FOX with only one season and a lot to offer.

The show’s premise is as follows; it follows a single mother’s (Angela Vaughn) journey to reclaim her family’s name. She discovers a dark secret regarding her mother’s past. This secret turns her world upside down.


Have you watched some medical drama before? This one will keep you glued to your coach throughout the five seasons. It is an American medical drama T.V. show that started broadcasting on FBC in January 2018. It centers around a young doctor suspecting she may not be alone in her new loft. But she later realizes that her landlord is crazily obsessed with her.

The debut season kicks off with Nic’s involvement in an accident on his way home, thus developing a brain injury. The second season starts on a high note, with Nic and Conrad’s rekindling their romance. Season three gets sad as Jessie, Nic’s sister, dies. In the fourth season, Mina decides to return to Nigeria, her home country, instead of waiting for deportation. The fifth season sees Conrad Hawkins exploring the dating scene and finding a match in Kincaid immediately after his wife’s death.


A perfect list of the sexiest T.V. shows on FOX cannot be complete without this American T.V. sitcom from the creative writings of Elizabeth Meriwether. The 20th Television produced this series for the Fox Broadcasting Company. So, there are multiple reasons this show has been one of the sexiest in FOX’s history.

The debut season begins with Jessica coming home only to find her lover cheating on her with a new girlfriend. In the second season, Amelia and Nick reunite. Amelia was Nick’s ex-lover from college. In the third season, Winston gets himself into a new relationship that ends in him treating the relationship like a woman. After breaking up, Nick and Jess focus on being friends, which was the same case for Cece and Schmidt. After their engagement in season five, Cece and Schmidt now have to face what it’s like planning a wedding and being married.

# 6- BEVERLY HILLS, 90210

The debut season ends with Sean, Harry’s illegitimate son visiting the Wilson family. After a pregnancy scare in the first season, Brenda broke up with Dylan. But they get back together in season two. In season three, Brandon returns to the Beach Club for work. Season four features many things, including Brenda getting a job in her dad’s office, Dylan clashing with John sears because of Kelly and Dan and Andrea planning a date together. The show ends in season 10 with Dylan’s kidnapping alongside Noah while attempting to deliver money.


It is a crime drama T.V. series that premiered on FOX in January 2022. The show’s premise follows a love-addicted woman who befriends a cleaner in the hopes of distracting herself from a recent affair. The plot is one of the sexiest so far on FOX. And the protagonists are hot too.

The first episode starts with Thony De La Rosa working as a cleaner. She witnesses mobsters gunning down Theo, her friend. Unfortunately, the mobsters discover her presence at the crime scene, making Thony desperate. So, she offers to get rid of all the evidence of that day’s murder. Watch this new show on FOX and see Thony leaving for her new job, oblivious of the close monitoring from the FBI agents.

# 4 – THE O.C.

Here is another sexy American teen drama T.V. show that FOX offers. When it started airing on the FOX network in august 2003, it received high ratings and gained popularity to be listed among the top new dramas. And it grew to be also one of the sexiest shows on the network.

The debut season begins with Luke Ward and Marissa destroying their relationship, leading to Luke’s change in personality. Season two’s focus was primarily on Ryan and Marissa’s romantic developments, similar to Summer and Seth’s romantic developments. In season three, Julie is ready to do anything to protect Marissa’s upcoming plans. She is determined to do anything, including destroying Ryan’s future. The show features Sandy longing for a guy’s night in the fourth and last season. Meanwhile, Taylor is trying to take advantage of Ryan’s lack of sleep by becoming his sleep counselor and attempting to seduce him. In the same season, Kaitlin struggles to see Julie fling with her tennis coach.

# 3 – 24

You might not know it, but ’24’ is one of the sexiest shows you will ever watch on FOX TV. Although it is an American action drama T.V. series, ’24’ still got some juicy and mouth watering content. The show has nine seasons. The debut season introduces us to David Palmer, a U.S. presidential candidate, and the efforts of Ira Gaines leading a terrorist team to assassinate David. The show keeps sexual references and content to a minimum in seasons two and three—additionally, seasons four and five features multiple characters enjoying sex off-screen.  The show ends in season 9 with Jack’s resurfacing in London to investigate a terrorist threat.


This popular T.V. show is a reboot of ‘Joe Millionaire,’ a 2003 hit. Being a reality T.V. show, it features all the backbiting, innuendo, and boozing you would expect from a dating competition. The unscripted plot also revolves around two bachelors lying to women about their financial wealth. The two bachelors are both single, one is a real millionaire while the second one is averagely broke. They are both good-looking and hard-working, looking for their true love. While dating 20 women, the women have no clue who the millionaire is and who is broke. Most of them find themselves trapped between choosing love or money. It’s all juicy and yummy. And with the dramas, you cannot get enough of it.

Unlike the original version, this reboot is more transparent by notifying the women of two men’s economic status differences without revealing the actual millionaire. Although it features several mildly unexpected events and fewer manipulations, it is still sexy to the eyes. This is a brand new show it would be best if you were among the first to watch it.


Do you love watching pool party girls topless or in their skimpy swimsuits? As the name suggests, this is all sexy and hot. The show repeatedly shows hot girls in very skimpy swimsuits.’Fantasy Island’ has received an approval rating of 67% and a 6.6/10 average rating from 12 critical reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.

So far, this show is in its first season containing ten episodes. The season begins with the mysterious Mr. Roarke making his lucky gusts’ secret dreams become a reality at a remote but luxurious resort. But soon, the guests’ fantasies turn into nightmares. So, they have to find perfect solutions to the island’s mystery to escape and save their lives. In the end, chaos descends quickly. It starts from partying on the beach to seeking revenge.

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