10 Sexiest TV Shows On Cinemax

Sexiest TV Shows On Cinemax

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Our Top 10 Sexiest TV Shows On Cinemax list will take a look at the sexiest shows on Cinemax. In our previous article about Cinemax, we took a look at the sexiest movies on the cable network. This article will feature the sexiest TV shows on Cinemax. There are a lot of sexy shows on Cinemax for you to choose from. Cinemax is known for its provocative programming so there is plenty of it on our list. This Top 10 Sexiest TV Shows On Cinemax list will feature old and new shows. Which shows do you think made our list?

# 10 – Jett

The first show on our Top 10 Sexiest TV Shows On Cinemax list is Jett. The action fiction show stars Carla Gugino, Gaite Jansen, Michael Aronov, Giancarlo Esposito, Gentry White and Violet McGraw. The show is about a woman named Daisy (Carla Gugino). She is an ex-convict. She retired from the crime life. She is barely out of jail when she is approached with doing one more job. A powerful crime lord named Charlie (Giancarlo Esposito) wants her to do one more job before she retires. He wants her to steal a ring. The scheme involves her reuniting with her former flame. Things happen that cause her to endanger the people she loves. She also has to deal with criminals who will do anything to get what they want.

This show has a lot going on. There is a lot of action to hold your interest. The show is fun and slick. It has funny punchlines that will leave you in stitches. Jett is not just about a jewel heist. Jett uses her feminine ways to get what she wants. The show has a lot of sex scenes in it. They do leave little to the imagination, but if you’re looking for a show with a lot of sex, this one is for you. There is also casual nudity so you will get a chance to look at people’s bodies. Since the show is on Cinemax, you shouldn’t expect anything less. Don’t let the sex scenes fool you. There is a plot to the show that is worth investing.

# 9 – Banshee

The next show on our Top 10 Sexiest TV Shows On Cinemax list is Banshee. The drama stars Antony Starr, Ivana Milicevic, Lili Simmons and Ryann Shane. The show is about a paroled criminal who takes on the identity of Sheriff Lucas (Antony Starr) of Banshee, PA. He proved that his time away didn’t teach him anything. He is still committing crimes. He is also being haunted by the gangsters he betrayed years ago. This drama is filled with twists and turns. Lucas Hood surprisingly becomes sheriff of Banshee, PA. He was searching for a woman named Carrie (Ivan Milicevic) who he lost touch with 15 years ago. He decides to give himself up to the police and allowed her to get away. Unfortunately for him, she is married to another man and has a family with him. Carrie wants to lay low until Lucas shows up there to shake up her world. She is torn between Lucas and her new family.

This show has a lot going on to keep you glued to the show. The show is surprisingly funny and will make you laugh. It will keep you on your toes with the drama. The characters are brilliantly developed throughout each episode. The show does feature nudity as well as sex scenes, but they are pretty tame for the network. There are enough sex scenes that will satisfy viewers. Lucas and Carrie can’t be together because she is married. They are attracted to each other despite her being married. There is an added juicy twist that could be used as a plot from a soap opera. Carrie has two kids and one of them might be Lucas’. Knowing this is a possibility definitely spices things up. It adds to the sex appeal of the show.

# 8 – Black Tie Nights

The drama stars Tiffany Hendra, Glen Meadows, Amy Lindsay and Beverly Lynne. The anthology show focuses on women named Olivia (Amy Lindsay) and Cooper (Tiffany Hendra) who run a dating app. Olivia wanted to do the app because she lost the love of her life. Cooper is a commitment-phobic wild child. They are assisted by their sidekick named Ryan (Glen Meadows) Ryan provides the male perspective for the business. The show focuses on the couples Olivia and Cooper get together. Most of the couples have sex on their first date.

The characters on the show are multi-dimensional. This isn’t your typical erotic series. It is a witty and interesting show. The show has a lot of sex, but it is not pornography. The characters get to know each other even though things move fast for the couples. This show will give you the erotic scenes that you are looking for in a sexy drama, but it is not done in a trashy way. Ryan and Cooper also have a flirtatious relationship. They go back and forth until they become a couple. It is intriguing to watch them flirt with each other. The actors come from different walks of life. Some look like they could be in an erotic movie while others do not. This show didn’t last long, but you can still check it out and enjoy it. If you like watching shows where unlikely couples fall in love, this series is for you.

# 7 – Warrior

This action show stars Andrew Koji, Jason Tobin, Dianne Doan, Olivia Cheng, Hoon Lee, Dean S. Jagger and Joanna Vanderham. The show is about a martial artist named Ah Sahm (Andrew Koji). He is a Chinese immigrant who arrives in the City of Lights for mysterious reasons. He has to prove himself in order to become a hitman for the mafia. He is taken under the wing of the son of a crime boss. He ends up learning all about the business. He gets to know a madam named Ah Toy (Olivia Cheng) and she finds out why he is really in town. His sister married into the crime family he is trying to get into.

The riveting show is based on the writings of Bruce Lee. What stands out about the show is it features an Asian cast. They get a chance to be represented on television. The show is more than just about marital arts. The show deals with prejudice, greed, brotherhood, family, loyalty and betrayal. The cast has an amazing rapport with each other. There is sexual chemistry between Ah Sahm and Ah Toy. The line between good and bad characters is blurred on this show. There is no one who is truly good or evil. The actors are sexy and look great during their fight scenes. You can stare at their bodies all day and never get tired of looking at them. The location scenes are breathtaking. The exotic location will make your jaw drop in amazement.

# 6 – Hunted

This drama stars Melissa George, Adam Rayner, Oscar Kennedy, Morven Christie, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje and Stephen Dillane. The show is told in eight parts. It is about a woman named Sam/Alex (Melissa George). She is an operative for a private intelligence firm. She is thrown for a loop when a hit is taken out on her life. She finds out members from her own team tried to kill her.

She ends up going into hiding and tries to recover from her injuries. She decides to go back to work a year later, and her colleagues are surprised to see that she survived. She has a secret lover named Aiden (Adam Rayner) and two bosses named Rupert (Stephen Dillane) and Deacon (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje). Her bosses still want her to take care of their clients. Unfortunately, Sam doesn’t know who to trust because someone in her inner circle wants her dead.

This British series is a mystery and drama. Sam/Alex doesn’t know who is trying to kill her. It could be anyone. It can even be her lover. The show has the makings of a nighttime soap opera. It has mystery and intrigue. If espionage and spy stories aren’t your cup of tea, you can watch the mystery unfold among the cast members. There is also a sexy romance between Sam/Alex and Aiden. They are secretly dating each other. The only problem is she doesn’t know if he is trying to kill her. This adds to the sexual tension between the pair. Their love scenes can melt your screen because they are very hot. They aren’t too graphic, but they will please you. The drama only lasted one season, but the writers give you a lot to watch for the little time they were on the air.

# 5 – Zane’s the Jump Off

The next show on our Top 10 Sexiest TV Shows On Cinemax list is Zane’s the Jump Off. The show stars Amin Joseph, Damian T. Raven, Sean Riggs, Tanjareen Martin and Latifah Creswell. The show is an ensemble cast. It is about five African American men from different walks of life. They tell the stories about their lives. There is a story for everyone to enjoy. Each episode focuses on a different person.

The episodes move fast so you won’t get bored. The show is sexual in nature. If you are familiar with Zane books, you know they feature steamy sex scenes. You get a chance to watch those scenes come to life on screen. There is a hot elevator scene that should not be missed. The sexy scene takes place in the first episode, so you already know what to expect from the rest of the episodes. This is a show for women because the men are eye candy.

They have incredibly sexy bodies. They have rock hard abs that you could stare at for hours and wish you were with them. Amin Joseph is a great actor who is built like a wrestler. It’s hard to look away when he’s on the television. Joe Torry is outside of his comfort zone. He usually plays comedians on shows. This time he plays a crooked political figure on the series. This role is different from his roles in the past. Women will be impressed to see how muscular his body is. It is no laughing matter.

# 4 – Chemistry

This drama stars Ana Alexander, Jonathan Chase, Ragan Brooks, Jeremy Kent Jackson, Chad Everett and Sally Kellerman. The drama is about an affair between a cop named Liz (Ana Alexander) and a lawyer named Michael (Jonathan Chase). Their affair started when the Liz saved Michael from a fatal car accident.

The show has great writing. It has a lot of twists and turns to keep the viewers interested. The show features a lot of sex scenes that will have you hooked. They will whet your sexual appetite. The series isn’t just about a couple having sex. There is a love triangle between Liz and Michael. He has a fiancée. He is not sure if he should settle down with her. He doesn’t know if he could go through with the wedding because of his feelings for Liz. Michael and Liz have amazing “chemistry” (no pun intended) with each other.

They will make you want to root for them to be together. They are both attractive, so the writers did the writers did the right thing putting them together. They have sexual chemistry with each other (again, no pun intended). The show only lasted one season because Ana Alexander didn’t want to do the show. She thought there was too much nudity on the show. She may be right, but it didn’t stop the show from being good.

# 3 – Transporter

The drama stars Chris Vance, Andrea Osvart, Francois Berleand and Violante Placido. The show is based on the hit movie on the same name. The show is about a man named Frank (Chris Vance) who is a transporter. He makes sure to deliver anyone and anything for a price. He doesn’t care what type of job he has. He will make sure to get it done. He always gets it done on time and never quits until the job is done. He interacts with dangerous criminals and desperate people. He can deliver on his job as long as he plays by the rules. He never changes the deal. He never uses names. He never opens up packages he has to transport.

The show has a lot of action and adventure. The writers write episodes about theft and blackmail. The show is entertaining and relaxing. You can watch this with your significant other. You can cuddle together during all of the spicy action and adventure scenes. It may surprise you just how much action they can get away with on a TV show. It is sexy to watch Chris Vance on the screen.

He is extremely good looking. He has a great body. He looks sexy in a suit. R.J. Parrish is another sexy actor on the show worth investing. He has exotic looks that will put you in a trance. He has beautiful black hair that will make you want to put your hands throughout it. He has smooth olive skin that looks flawless. The rest of the cast look great as well. The women in particular look like models. They have gorgeous bodies and beautiful hair.

# 2 – Co-Ed Confidential

The drama stars Michelle Maylene, Hannah Harper, Brad Bufanda, Oskar Rodriguez, Jennifer Dark and Kevin Patrick. The show is about a frat house that becomes a co-ed residence for four freshmen. They live under the supervision of a graduate student and her sometimes boyfriend. He is a party animal from the closed fraternity. This is the type of show that gives Cinemax its reputation for erotic TV shows. There is a lot of nudity on the show. There is also a lot of spicy sex scenes. It is shockingly funny. It is a funny show about college life.

The is a show that is not afraid to make fun of itself. It is not known for its acting. This is a show that is meant for escapism. If you have seen movies about co-ed life, you know there is nothing new here. You can guarantee that you will see sex and nudity. You will get a chance to laugh because there are a lot of clever jokes throughout the series. There is also fight scenes that may have you glued to the television. There is a couple who break up on the series. It will make you appreciate the relationship you have. The actors come from all walks of life. They look like what you would expect in a series like this. They are good looking with sexy bodies.

# 1 – Quarry

The number one show on our Top 10 Sexiest TV Shows On Cinemax list is Quarry. The show stars Jodi Balfour, Logan Marshall-Green, Peter Mullan, Damon Herriman and Nikki Amuka-Bird. This show is a crime drama about a man named Mac “Quarry” Conway who returns home after fighting in Vietnam. It wasn’t smooth sailing for his return home. “Quarry” finds out that he’s been shunned by his family and the public. He struggles with PTSD because of what he went through in the war. He has to adjust to life as a civilian. He struggles to earn a living so he gets drawn into a life of killing and corruption. He ends up meeting The Broker (Peter Mulla). The broker is a mysterious and secretive crime boss who takes a special interest in “Quarry.”

This is a well written show that plays off like a movie instead of a TV series. The plot is strong and the characters are well developed. The show is fast paced. The action scenes are exciting and thrilling. They will leave you on the edge of your seat. There are plot twists that will leave you guessing. Logan Marshall-Green has movie star looks. He looks similar to Ralph Macchio. He has sexy and pouty lips that will force you to pay attention to him. He has a stage presence that commands your attention. It may be hard to focus on what’s going on in the scenes because you will be watching him throughout the show. Mac has steamy sex scenes with his wife Joni. They don’t go too far with their sex scenes, but they are still enticing. You won’t be disappointed if you are looking for a show that has a lot of drama and sex.

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