10 Sexiest Movies On Tubi

Sexiest Movies On Tubi

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Our Top 10 Sexiest Movies On Tubi list will take a look at the sexiest movies on Tubi. Tubi is a free streaming app where you can watch movies and television shows. It was launched in 2014. It has over 33 million active users and growing. It is easy to see why they have so many users because they have a wide variety of sexy movies and shows.

Tubi has thousands of movies to choose from. If you want to spend a quiet evening at home with the person you love, you can watch the Tubi app. The streaming service has a lot of steamy movies for you and your lover to check out. Sex can be more than the physical act itself. It can be about the anticipation of whether or not the couple is going to get together. Sex can lead to the building up of a relationship. It can also lead to obsession. The people in the movies on our list enjoy sex so you get an eyeful. These erotic movies can help spice up your sex life. This Top 10 Sexiest Movies On Tubi list will feature the sexiest movies on Tubi.

# 10 – Sex and Consequences

The first movie on our Top 10 Sexiest Movies On Tubi list is Sex and Consequences. The movie stars Joan Severance, Corbin Bernsen, Rodney Scott and Charles Van Emen. This thriller/romance is about a bored housewife named Lisa (Joan Severance). Lisa is tired of her boring and predictable life. She decides to start an affair with Sam (Rodney Scott). He is an 18-year-old man she decides to seduce. She gets him involved in kinky sexual activity. Eventually, Lisa becomes bored with Sam and wants to spice things up even more. She wants to be caught with Sam in different places because she wants her husband John (Corbin Bernsen) to notice that she is having an affair.

John becomes suspicious of Lisa’s relationship with Sam. Sam wants out of the relationship. Sam faces the consequences of his actions. If you are looking for a movie that has a lot of sex, this is the movie for you. The audience get a chance to see steamy sex scenes between Lisa and Sam. The sexy story is a spicy love triangle. You don’t see too many older women being able to seduce teenagers. It is usually the other way around. Lisa proved that a woman of a particular age can land a younger man. Joan Severance has a sexy body, so it is no surprise that she was able to seduce a teenager. Rodney Scott is sexy as well. He has beautiful blue eyes that will melt your heart. Corbin Bernsen is also sexually appealing. He has a great body and is very distinguished looking. Lisa had quite a choice on her hands with these men. This is a low budget movie that will satisfy your sex fix.

# 9 – They’re Playing with Fire

The next movie on our Top 10 Sexiest Movies On Tubi is They’re Playing with Fire. The erotic thriller stars Sybil Danning, Eric Brown, Curtis Ayers and Paul Clemmons. The movie is about a married professor named Diane (Sybil Danning) who becomes interested in her student named Jay (Eric Brown). She falls for him after he becomes her handyman. Jay gives in to the affair and allows himself to become seduced. Diane plans on using Jay in order to get the money from her in laws. She and her husband Michael (Andrew Prine) convince Jay to rob the mansion and kill Michael’s mother and grandmother. Unfortunately, robbers beat Jay to it. The robbers kill the mother and grandmother and hide the bodies. Their deaths are the start of the murders that happen in this movie.

The movie is a combination of an erotic thriller and mystery. You get your sexy fix with the steamy sex scenes between Diane and Jay. The heat between them is hot enough to melt the screen. If you like erotic thrillers, you won’t be disappointed. There is plenty of skin for you to see if that is what you are into watching. Like our previous entry, an older woman is seducing a younger man. Sybil Danning has an incredibly sexy body, and she is very comfortable showing it off. She has a lot of nude scenes throughout the movie, so she needed to have a sexy body in order to show it off. Eric Brown doesn’t have in-your-face sex appeal, but he is sexy if you are into smart men. He is the boy next door type of sexy. Andrew Prine is a nice-looking man. He has a good body and thick beautiful hair that women would love to rub their fingers through. Viewers will probably question why she would cheat on a man like him for any other man.

# 8 – A Bold Affair

The sizzling thriller stars Schae Harrison, Jeff Trachta, Sandra Dee Robinson, Peter Fogel, Maitland Ward and Howard Mungo. The movie is about a married man named Michael (Jeff Trachta) who flirts with a sexy woman online named Eva (Schae Harrison). Eva tries to convince Michael to meet in person. What she doesn’t know is he is married, and his wife is pregnant. He finds out that she is a crazy cyberstalker. She ends up hacking into his computer and ruins his financial situation as well as his marriage.

This is the makings of a steamy soap opera meets thriller. Even though there aren’t any sex scenes between Eva and Michael, they do have online sex which is titillating. They say sexy things to each other that might turn you on. Since it is an affair, there is something provocative about it. There is a chance that they can get caught so that is always sexy. Eva is an attractive woman so there is no surprise Michael’s head was turned. Schae Harrison has the body of a seductress. She is tall and beautiful. She screams sexiness. Jeff Trachta has model looks. He has even graced the cover of Playgirl magazine.

This is an indicator of how sexy he is. They don’t just put anyone on the cover of the magazine. You have to be sexy to grace the cover of the magazine. Sandra Dee Robinson (Emily) is beautiful as well. She plays Michael’s pregnant wife. She doesn’t get to show off how sexy she is because she is playing second fiddle to Eva. Sandra Dee Robinson is a sexy woman as well. In fact, subjectively she looks better than the mistress.

# 7 – Killing Me Softly

This thriller/mystery stars Heather Graham, Joseph Fiennes, Natascha McElhone, Ian Hart and Jason Hughes. The movie is about a woman named Alice (Heather Graham) who becomes suspicious of her demanding and controlling husband Adam (Joseph Fiennes} after she finds out about the women in his past. She finds out that he has done things to the women in his past. If you like thrillers with a mystery element, you should check this out. Killing Me Softly has plot twists throughout the film. The writers utilize the husband-has-a-secret trope.

The movie has a lot of passionate love scenes between Alice and Adam. Their chemistry is off the charts. If you love sexy love scenes, you will get your fill with this film. It is not porn or filth by any means, but the scenes are still enough to entice viewers to watch the movie. If you aren’t a fan of the plot, the sex scenes alone will hold your interest. Heather Graham has girl next door looks. She is tall and blonde. She has an amazing body. Joseph Fiennes is a handsome man who has a sexy body. He has the type of body men would want to have and women would stare at endlessly. The rest of the cast come from different walks of life. There is someone for everyone to look at in the movie.

# 6 – Carlita’s Secret

The thriller/action movie stars Eva Longoria, Alain Mora, Maria Bravo, Alejandro Guitierrez, David Martinez and Steve Roth. The movie is about a woman named Lexus (Eva Longoria) who wants to become a dancer. She hits a roadblock to her dream when she is accused of shooting someone at a nightclub. She goes on the run and finds success as a dancer under a new name. Her luck is about to run out when a police detective decides to re-open her case. She is forced to deal with her past. She was involved in a drug deal that went wrong.

This sexy and hot movie combines action and mystery. Men will get their eye candy by watching the strippers in their sexy outfits. Most men like to watch female strippers, so they won’t be disappointed in this flick. Women may watch them in order to turn their men on. They can copy the moves they see on screen to seduce their lovers. There are sexy shots of Miami. The location scenes are breathtaking. They will make you wish you were in Miami.

The women in the movie have sexy bodies that they aren’t afraid to show off when they are stripping. Eva Longoria is known for playing sexy vixens, so she was right at home with this part. Speaking of Eva Longoria, she is one of the sexiest women in Hollywood so it is only natural that she would appear in a movie like this one. She is sexy enough to pull off dancing and turning men on.

# 5 – The Letter

The next movie on our Top 10 Sexiest Movies On Tubi list is The Letter. The mystery stars Winona Ryder, James Franco, Josh Hamilton and Julie Ann Embry. The movie is about a woman named Martine (Winona Ryder). She is a theater director who believes that someone is trying to kill her. Is she crazy or is someone really after her?

This is a gripping tale that will keep you guessing from beginning to end. You find yourself constantly wondering if she has mental issues or not. She isn’t absolutely certain that someone is trying to kill her because she has mental issues. Someone is possibly taking advantage of her mental instability. This is the type of mystery you can watch with your lover. You can go back and forth debating on whether or not Martine is insane. It can lead to a sexy debate between you and your partner. Winona Ryder is attractive with girl-next-door looks.

She has beautiful and thick hair that looks flawless in this movie. The rest of the cast have movie star looks. They look as if they were tailor made for movies. The movie doesn’t have a lot of sex scenes in it, but there are intimate moments between characters. Intimate moments can be just as sexy as steamy love scenes. This movie may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is worth checking out if you like twisty thrillers.

# 4 – Loves Me, Loves Me Not

The comedy stars Isabelle Chester, David DeLuise, Georgia Reign, David Chokachi, T.J. Power, Yasmin Lee and Natasha Blasick. The movie is about a woman named Ali (Isabelle Chester) who is searching for Mr. Right. She is on the hunt for a new man because her boyfriend was killed in a robbery. She is on a manhunt to find the right guy. She finds different types of men throughout her search. Some of them are good, some are sexy and some she would never consider. Some of the people are inappropriate, some are married, and some aren’t interested. Will she find her Mr. Right?

Watching a comedy with your lover can be sexy. You two can laugh together while enjoying the comedic moments. It is fun to watch Ali go from man to man looking for Mr. Right. She goes through a lot of hijinks during her search. She meets different guys, so viewers get a chance to see a variety of guys. David Chokachi is one of the men Ali is looking for in the movie. He is known for his role on Baywatch. During his prime, he was one of the sexiest men on television.

Women get an eyeful because he is naked in the movie. If you are a fan of his, you may not even need to see the rest of the movie. This sexy scene will grab your attention. Isabelle Chester doesn’t look like someone who would have trouble finding a man. She is a sexy woman with beautiful pouty lips. She has gorgeous hair that women would wish they had. She has a sexy body that men would enjoy watching. Her character is funny which is also sexy.

# 3 – Blue Seduction

The erotic thriller stars Billy Zane, Estella Warren, Jane Wheeler and Robbie O’Neil. The movie is about a music composer named Mikey (Billy Zane). He gets his world turned upside down when he is seduced by Matty (Estella Warren). Matty is a young woman who wants to be famous. She will stop at nothing to get what she wants. She decides she wants to go after Mikey, and he becomes attracted to her. He doesn’t know that she is just looking to become famous.

He has more at stake than he realizes. He is a married man. Mikey and Joyce (Jane Wheeler) were married for 10 years. She helped him get sober and get his life back on track. Matty will stop at nothing to get Mikey. She even forces him to have sex with her. No one believes that she forced him to have sex with her. Mikey wants to stay with Joyce, but Matty doesn’t take it well. She wants to destroy his life. Will he be able to save his marriage?

This movie has the makings of another Fatal Attraction. It has everything you would want in a juicy thriller. It has a lot of sexy and intimate scenes that will whet your sexual appetite. One scene involves Matty tying Mikey to a chair so she could seduce him. This scene will definitely hold your interest until she is done having her way with him. Matty seduces Mikey in other ways until he falls for her. Mikey can’t resist being with her which means the viewers are in for some kinky sex scenes. If you are a fan of thrillers with a lot of sex, you will not be disappointed. Mikey proved that an older man could get the attention of a younger woman.

Estella Warren is the star of the movie. She is sexy and sassy. She will hold your attention every time she is on the screen. It is hard to take your eyes off her. Billy Zane is a sexy man. He has dreamy looks. He has long flowing hair that you couldn’t resist putting your hands through. His body is incredibly sexy for a man who is playing a middle-aged character.

# 2 – Born Guilty

The comedy stars Rosanna Arquette, David Cousins, Keesha Sharp and Xande Berkley. The movie is about a woman named Judith (Rosanna Arquette) who is a lonely social worker. She can’t stop herself from interfering with her son Marty’s (Jay Devore) life. He is trying to work on his career as an ad exec as well as maintain his relationship with his girlfriend Leslie (Keesha Sharp). In addition to working on his career and his relationship, he has to talk his mother off the ledge. He decides to hire a man named Raul (David Cousins). Marty hires Raul to be in his mother’s life. Trouble ensues when Raul falls for Judith. Will Judith forgive Marty for interfering in her life

The movie is filled with comedy and sex. These two combinations work to make a sexy movie. The plot is different. Marty is a man who wants to maintain his life, but he doesn’t want to forget about his mother. She nags him, so he wants to help her get a life. Don’t let the plot fool you. This is a sexy movie. There are hot scenes between Marty and Leslie that could melt the screen. There are intimate scenes between Judith and Raul. It may not seem sexy because Raul was paid to be with Judith, but it is enjoyable to watch them fall for each other. They are proof that an older couple can be sexy. They are grown and sexy. They don’t have to be in their 20s in order to be sexy.

# 1 – Secret Admirer

The number one movie on our Top 10 Sexiest Movies On Tubi is Secret Admirer. The sexy comedy stars C. Thomas Howell, Lori Loughlin, Kelly Preston, Corey Haim, Scott McGinnis, Dee Wallace, Leigh Taylor-Young, Cliff DeYoung and Fred Ward. The movie is about someone who has a crush on Michael (C. Thomas Howell). He receives a note from his “secret admirer.” He wants to find out who wrote the letter. Thanks to his friends, he thinks Deborah (Kelly Preston) wrote the letter.

Michael has a crush on her, so he pursues her. Things get out of hand when his letter gets in the wrong hands. Michael and Deborah’s parents get involved when they think one of the parents wrote the letter. Standing in the sidelines is Michael’s best friend Toni (Lori Loughlin). She helps him get out of trouble even though she has a secret of her own.

This movie is tame by today’s standards, but it is a sexy movie. There are intimate scenes between Michael and Deborah. They make out when they go out on a date. They also take things to the next level during his birthday party. The scenes aren’t graphic, but they will entice you to want to watch it unfold. This movie gives the grown and sexy crowd a chance to have a story. Michael and Deborah’s parents are tempted to be together because of the letter. They have intimate scenes with each other as well. Their scenes aren’t graphic either, but they are tempted to cheat on their spouses.

The spouses are friends with each other so that spices things up. C. Thomas Howell is a good-looking guy, so it is understandable why someone had a crush on him. He has typical teen heartthrob looks. Lori Loughlin’s looks are downplayed in the movie because her character isn’t glamorous like Deborah. Lori Loughlin has girl-next-door-looks and is extremely gorgeous in this movie. She is arguably better looking than Deborah. Speaking of Deborah, Kelly Preston is in the movie for her sex appeal. She dresses in revealing clothes that show off her sexy assets. She is the only character who has a topless scene in the film. This may be a classic, but it is still worth checking out.

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