10 Sexiest Movies On Starz

Sexiest Movies On Starz

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Our Top 10 Sexiest Movies On Starz list will take a look at the sexiest movies on Starz. How do you like spending sexy evenings with your significant other? Do you like watching sexy movies? If you do, you can check out our Top 10 Sexiest Movies On Starz list. Our previous article about the Starz network was about the sexiest TV shows. This article will feature the sexiest movies on Starz .

Our Top 10 Sexiest Movies On Starz list will feature movies that are old and new. Regardless of when the movie was released, they are still considered some of the sexiest movies on the channel. What movies do you think made our list? What do you think will be the number one movie on our Top 10 Sexiest Movies On Starz list?

# 10 – Chocolate City

The first movie on our Top 10 Sexiest Movies On Starz list is Chocolate City. The movie stars Robert Ri’chard, Tyson Beckford, DeRay Davis, Vivica A. Fox and Michael Jai White. The sexy drama is about a man named Michael (Robert Ri’chard) who takes a job as an exotic dancer because he needs the money. He becomes really good at the job and the money starts rolling in for him. He gets a lot of attention from women.

His family doesn’t know about his job, so he has to hide his profession from his mother Katherine (Vivica A. Fox) and his girlfriend DeeDee (Eurika Pratts). Ladies if you are looking for a movie that will make your mouths water, this is the one for you. This movie features some of the sexiest men on the planet. They even take their clothes off on stage. If you’re uncomfortable going to strip clubs, you can enjoy watching strippers in the privacy of your own home.

This is the urban version of the movie Magic Mike. Almost every man on the cast has a six pack. If you love looking at bulging muscles, you are in for a treat. The strippers have incredibly muscular bodies that will have you glued to the screen. They will make you want to get your money out and be in the strip joint with them. Women aren’t the only ones who have sexy eye candy in the movie. The women are beautiful and sexy as well. Men will have no problem paying attention to them.

# 9 -Adore

The next movie on our Top 10 Sexiest Movies On Starz list is Adore. The movie stars Naomi Watts, Robin Wright, Xavier Samuel, James Frecheville, Sophie Lowe, Rose Byrne and Jessica Tovey. The drama is about two best friends named Lil (Naomi Watts) and Roz (Robin Wright). They each have affairs with the other’s sons. The drama unfolds when one of the men falls for a lover his own age. This is something that comes right out of a soap opera.

If you are the type who enjoys watching older women and younger men have steamy affairs, this sexy drama is for you. The characters have steamy sex scenes together. Their scenes sizzle onscreen. This movie proves that older women can be sexy and attractive to younger men. If you are an older woman, it will give you hope that you will attract a sexy young man like the women in this movie. Naomi Watts and Robin Wright are beautiful and sexy.

They prove that sexiness doesn’t stop at 25. Xavier Samuel and James Frecheville are sexy as well. They are physically fit and will have you wishing you were the women they were with in the movie. The movie takes place in the South of France. The location shots are amazing. They will blow your mind. The scenes at the beach are glorious. The water is inviting and breathtaking.

# 8 – You’re Next

Slasher movies are always sexy. They give you a reason to want to get close with the person you love. This horror movie stars Sharni Vinson, Nicholas Tucci, Wendy Glenn, A.J. Bowen, Barbara Crampton and Rob Moran. The movie is about a family named the Davidsons. They are rich and estranged from each other. Aubrey (Barbara Crampton) and Paul (Rob Moran) want to celebrate their wedding anniversary, so they invite their children home. During the celebration, assailants in animal masks attack the family. The family has to work together, or they will die. If you love slasher films and consider them sexy, you should check out this movie.

It has a lot of gory scenes that will lead you to jump in your lover’s arms. It will give you a chance to be up close and personal with your significant other. It also has a mystery element when they are trying to figure out who is behind the masks. It might be sexy and fun trying to figure out who is behind the masks and why they are going after the family. The cast look like they could be models. It’s hard to believe that three of them are supposed to be criminals because they don’t look like the type to commit crimes. The Davidson family live in an estate that is exotic. It will make you want to move in the estate.

# 7 – American Pie

This is the movie that started the American Pie series. This sex comedy stars Jason Biggs, Seann William Scott, Alyson Hannigan, Chris Klein, Tara Reid, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Mena Suvari, Shannon Elizabeth and Natasha Lyon. The raunchy comedy is about Jim (Jason Biggs) and his three friends decide to make a pact that they would lose their virginities before they graduate high school. Jim is obsessed with Nadia (Shannon Elizabeth).

He does everything he can to seduce her. Oz (Chris Klein) is dating Heather (Mena Suvari). Kevin (Thomas Ian Nicholas) is dating Vicky (Tara Reid). The friends struggle to lose their virginities. This is the type of movie you can watch with your partner and have a good laugh. In addition to the comedy, there are raunchy scenes. Watching Jim try to seduce Nadia is sexy and funny at the same time. They both strip down to underwear and comedy ensues. Jim has a famous scene with an apple pie that is not to be missed. The movie has nudity as well as other provocative scenes, but they don’t go too far overboard. It is nothing filthy, but it will whet your sexual appetite. Shannon Elizabeth is a sexy woman.

Men will fill their sexiness quota by watching her onscreen. She has a killer body and gorgeous hair. Any man would kill to be with her. Jennifer Coolidge plays Stifler’s (Seann William Scott) mother. She is proof that a mother can be sexy. She was able to seduce one of her son’s friends so she must be doing something right.

# 6 – Working Girl

The romantic comedy stars Harrison Ford, Sigourney Weaver, Melanie Griffith, Alec Baldwin and Joan Cusack. This romantic comedy is about a woman named Tess (Melanie Griffith) who wants to work her way up the corporate ladder. She has had setbacks along the way because she is a woman. She thinks her luck has changed when she finally works for a woman named Katharine (Sigourney Weaver). Tess gives Katharine an idea that could help the business. Katharine ends up trying to steal the idea. When Katharine goes on vacation and gets in an accident, Tess tries to pull off the idea on her own. Along the way she meets Jack (Harrison Ford) who thinks Tess is an executive instead of an assistant. The corporate world never looked sexier than in Working Girl.

The movie isn’t just about the corporate world. It also has love triangles. Tess was dating Mick (Alec Baldwin) until something goes wrong in their relationship. She also gets together with Jack. It turns out Jack isn’t free to be with her. He is dating her boss Katharine. Harrison Ford was one of the sexiest men alive at one point in his career. The women in the movie enjoyed looking at him. The female viewers will also enjoy seeing him onscreen. He has sexy model looks. He looks good in and out of a suit. Melanie Griffith is an attractive woman who has a sexy body. You can see her in lingerie quite a bit showing off her sexy figure. Alec Baldwin looks sexy in this movie. He looks good in and out of his clothes.

# 5 – Don’t Breathe 2

The next movie on our Top 10 Sexiest Movies On Starz list is the horror thriller Don’t Breathe 2. The movie stars Stephen Lang, Madelyn Grace, Stephanie Arcila, Brendan Sexton III, Bobby Schofield and Rocci Williams. The horror thriller is the sequel to Don’t Breathe. Norman (Stephen Lang) is a blind veteran who has been hiding out for years in his cabin. He lives with a girl named Phoenix (Madelyn Grace). He uses Phoenix to help recreate the family he lost when a drunk driver killed his family.

Their lives are turned upside down when criminals decide to kidnap her. Norman has to do whatever it takes to get her back. This is another horror movie on our list. Once again, if you think watching movies is sexy, Starz has a movie for you. This movie will have you scared and jumping in each other’s arms. There are jump scares that will give you a reason to be closer to your lover. The scary scenes will have you biting down on your nails while you hold your lover close to you. You can let your mate comfort you throughout the scary scenes.

There are a lot of scary scenes because Norman goes after the kidnappers with a vengeance. You will never be bored watching this movie because it is action packed from beginning to end. Stephen Lang is like eye candy for women. He may be older, but he has a sexy body for an older man. He is like a fine wine. Stephanie Arcila is a sexy woman. She has a beautiful body. She is a raven-haired beauty.

# 4 – Venom: Let There Be Carnage

The action sci-fi stars Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Woody Harrleson, Naomie Harris and Reid Scott. This Marvel movie is a sequel to Venom. The movie is about a man named Eddie (Tom Hardy). He is continuing to exist with Venom inside of his body. He goes to visit Cletus (Woody Harrelson) in prison. Cletus ends up becoming a host to an alien symbiote after the visit. Cletus becomes even more dangerous once he has the alien symbiote inside of him. He goes to rescue his girlfriend Shriek (Naomie Harris) from a mental institution.

Venom and Eddie have to work together to stop Cletus and Shriek from destroying the world. The movie is funny and flirty. There is a lot of action in the movie that will please Marvel fans. The movie isn’t just about the action scenes. There are two sets of romance scenes that will hold your interest. There is a sexy will they/won’t they relationship going on between Eddie and Anne (Michelle Williams). They have so much sexual chemistry that it makes you wonder if they will get back together despite her being involved with another man.

Cletus also has a love interest. Cletus and Shriek were torn away from each other when they were kids. They still love each other and vow to be together. They are the antagonists, but it doesn’t stop their relationship from being sexy. Cletus loves Shriek unconditionally and will do anything for her. What could be more sexy than Cletus doing anything for the woman he loves? In fact, Cletus is more straight forward with his feelings for Shriek than Eddie is for Anne.

# 3 – About Last Night

The romantic drama stars Kevin Hart, Michael Ealy, Regina Hall, Joy Bryant, Paula Patton, Adam Rodriguez, Christopher McDonald and Mehcad Brooks. The romantic drama is about a couple named Danny (Michael Ealy) and Debbie (Joy Bryant) who meet at lust at first sight. They are instantly attracted to each other and jump in the bed together. They find themselves attracted to each other and spend more time together. They end up moving in together despite their best friends Joan (Regina Hall) and Bernie (Kevin Hart) objecting to the idea.

Danny and Debbie aren’t the only ones who are attracted to each other. Bernie and Joan find themselves attracted to each other. This is the remake of the 1986 movie of the same name. There are a lot of sex scenes between Danny and Debbie. If you love a lot of sex scenes, you will enjoy this movie. Watching their sex scenes will put you in a romantic mood. They have a lot of sex, but they don’t go too far overboard with the sex scenes. Bernie and Joan also have intimate scenes together. Watching Danny and Debbie going through the motions while starting a relationship will make you appreciate your own relationship.

Michael Ealy is one of the sexiest men in Hollywood. He also has the most beautiful eyes. He is sexy eye candy for the ladies. Men also get their eye candy with Joy Bryant and Regina Hall. They are incredibly beautiful and sexy. Kevin Hart’s sex appeal is his ability to make you laugh. He may not be the first person you think of when you think of a sexy man, but you can count on him to make you laugh. Laughter can always be sexy.

# 2 – Love, Weddings & Other Disasters

The romantic comedy stars Maggie Grace, Diane Keaton, Elle King, Jeremy Irons, Diego Boneta, Veronica Ferres and Jesse McCartney. A woman named Jessie (Maggie Grace) is hired to plan a wedding and a fun reception for the mayor. The mayor wants a formal wedding, so he hires another wedding planner named Lawrence (Jeremy Irons). The two caterers butt heads while trying to plan the wedding. They can’t keep their own love lives together. If you like watching movies about wedding planning, this one is for you. Planning weddings can be stressful, but the writers of this movie manage to make it look fun.

This movie is mostly for women. If guys want to get out of the doghouse, they may want to watch it with them. It can be sexy watching a wedding unfold at the hands of Jessie and Lawrence. The wardrobe worn by the wedding party is breathtaking. They wear stellar outfits that will blow your mind. The location shots are beautiful. It makes you wish you can spend time there with the person you love. The majority of the cast is sexy and looks like they jumped off the covers of magazines. The cast is a mixed blend of older and younger. There will always be someone for everyone to watch.

# 1 – How Stella Got Her Groove Back

The number one movie on our Top 10 Sexiest Movies On Starz list is How Stella Got Her Groove Back. The romantic comedy stars Angela Bassett, Taye Diggs, Whoopi Goldberg, Regina King, Suzanne Douglas and Michael J Pagan. The romantic comedy is about a woman named Stella (Angela Bassett). She goes to Jamaica with her friend Delilah (Whoopi Goldberg) to have some fun. While she is there, she meets a man named Winston (Taye Diggs). There is only one problem. Stella is in her 40s while Winston is in his 20s. They have a one-night stand with each other. It ends up turning into something more between them.

Stella and Winston have to get over the obstacle of their ages as well as the distance between them. This sexy comedy lets you know that women in their 40s are sexy. Angela Bassett is a very attractive woman. She has a sexy build and a youthful appearance. Taye Diggs is sexy and has a muscular body. There is no way a woman would turn down his advances. There’s no surprise Stella would fall for him. The movie has a lot of steamy sex scenes that will melt the screen. You and your mate will have a great time watching these sizzling sex scenes. Most of the movie takes place in Jamaica. The sexy scenery will blow your mind. The beach is inviting and will practically call your name.

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