10 Sexiest Movies On Netflix In 2022

Sexiest Movies On Netflix In 2022

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Our Top 10 Sexiest Movies On Netflix in 2022 list will take a look at the sexiest movies on Netflix. Netflix is a popular streaming service that has been around for a long time. It launched on August 29, 1997. It started off as a DVD rental service in 1997. It became a streaming service in 2007. Netflix has over 200 million subscribers. The service has become so popular that it has become eligible for awards. The streaming service has won Emmys and Oscars throughout the years. The pandemic made the streaming service popular. When movie theaters were closed, viewers watched movies on Netflix.

Netflix has a lot of movies to offer viewers. Some of the sexiest movies are available on the streaming service. The sexiest movies range from dramas, comedies, horror etc. Our Top 10 Sexiest Movies On Netflix in 2022 list will feature a variety of the sexiest movies on Netflix. Which movie do you think will be number one on our list

# 10 – The Adam Project

The first movie on our Top 10 Sexiest Movies On Netflix In 2022 list is The Adam Project. The sci-fi and adventure story is about a pilot named Adam who is from the year 2050 who travels back in time to the year 2022. He teams up with his 12-year-old self as well as his late father so they could save the future. It is an entertaining movie about time travel.

The plot may seem different because a man is traveling back in time, but it is an interesting movie. The movie might remind you of Back to the Future because of the time travel. Adam gets to see himself at a younger age. The movie is very well written. It is touching and emotional. The movie moves at a fast pace despite being about time travel. There are also comedic moments. With that said, Ryan Reynolds plays Adam in the movie. We don’t have to tell you how sexy he is.

He may be best known for his role in the Dead Pool movies, but he can pull off being a pilot. He is not only physically sexy, but his personality is also sexy. In addition to Ryan Reynolds, there are other sexy people in the movie. Mark Ruffalo looks sexy in this movie. He looks distinguished with facial hair. Zoe Saldana is beautiful and sexy as usual. She has a sexy body women would kill to have. The rest of the cast is attractive and look like models.

# 9 – Restless

The next movie on our Top 10 Sexiest Movies On Netflix In 2022 list is Restless. The action thriller is about a crooked cop named Thomas whose life goes out of control when he tries to cover up an accident he caused. He is distracted while driving and ends up hitting someone. The accident is a hit and run. The man he hit ends up dying. He panics and hides the body. He puts the body in his trunk. When he tries to get away, he gets stopped by police officers. They find out that he is a police officer and let him leave the scene. When he thinks his problems are done, he gets a phone call from someone who knew what he did. The caller threatens to expose him. It turns out the caller is someone closer to him than he thinks.

Thomas isn’t the only crooked cop. His colleagues are crooked too. A security team is investigating the cops so his colleagues stash money they stole in his locker. They want to make Thomas look like he is the thief. The money is linked to the accident Thomas had. It is an exciting drama that will leave you on the edge of your seat. The action can be sexy because it will make you cling to the person you are with while watching the movie. The actor who plays Thomas is incredibly sexy. He has a sexy bald head that makes you want to rub it. Even though Thomas is a corrupt cop, it is sexy to watch him risk his life to protect his family. The rest of the cast have a variety of looks. There is someone from everyone to enjoy watching. Some of the cast look like models while others look like cops.

# 8 – Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The slasher film is about Leatherface returning to a Texas ghost town. He goes after friends who accidentally disrupts his world. This is a sequel to the popular Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies. There is nothing sexier than watching a horror movie with someone you love. It will give you a chance to cuddle up with the one you love in case you get scared. The jump scares may have you jumping in each other’s arms. It will give you a chance to get closer than ever.

The movie has a lot of gory scenes that will make you want to cling on to the person you love. Horror movies may not be big on plot, but they can be sexy if you’re watching them with the right person. Some of the cast look like fashion models. The women are physically fit and look like what you would expect to see in a horror movie. They wear trendy and sexy clothes throughout the movie. The men are also physically fit. The cast are a mix of ethnicities and ages so there is eye candy for people of different ages. It gives you a chance to see a variety of people. If you find gory killings sexy, this is the right movie for you. You will get your kill fix with this movie.

# 7 – Choose or Die

This is another horror movie on our Top 10 Sexiest Movies On Netflix In 2022 list. This movie is about a student who is struggling financially. She needs money to pay her bills. She decides to participate in a game of survival. She competes with other players for a monetary prize. They go through different challenges in order to win the money. They find out that they are not playing for money.

They are playing for survival. The movie is a combination of Escape Room, Nerve and Would You Rather. It does a great job of reeling you into to the plotline. It is exciting to watch the contestants decide whether or not to do the challenges. Here is a fun fact about the movie. One of the original kings of horror makes an appearance in the movie. Robert Englund who is famous for playing Freddie Krueger in the Nightmare on Elm Street movies makes an appearance.

Just like with Texas Chainsaw Massacre, this horror movie will make you cuddle up with the one you love. It’s not as scary as the other movie, but it will give you a reason to be close to your loved one. Some of the actors are sexy and look like models. You can picture them on the covers of fashion magazines. They wear sexy and stylish clothes throughout the movie that caters to their figures and make them look sexy

# 6 – The Weekend Away

This murder mystery is about two women named Beth and Kate who decide to go away for the weekend. They decide to go to Croatia for a girl’s getaway. While they are out, Kate suggests they go out for a night on the town. They meet up with two guys and have a good time with them. The next day, Kate ends up missing. Beth is frantic because she has no idea what happened to her best friend. Unfortunately for Beth, that’s not the end of her troubles. Kate gets murdered and guess who becomes the prime suspect.

If you guessed Beth, then you are correct. She has to do whatever she can to figure out who killed her best friend so she can avoid going to jail herself. This is an intriguing movie that has twists and turns throughout the movie. It can be sexy trying to figure out the mystery with the person you love. It has an engaging plotline that will hold your interest until the end of the movie. The location scenes are breathtaking. The beautiful island will make you want to get on a plane and visit the place.

The blue water is inviting. It will make you want to jump in the water with the one you love. Beth and Kate are beautiful. They have seductive looks. They have perfect bodies that men would love to stare at. Zain is one of the leading male characters in the movie. Looking at him will make you want to stare at the screen. He is incredibly sexy. He has beautiful black hair and a sexy beard and mustache. His body will make women drool.

# 5 – Honeymoon with My Mother

The next movie on our Top 10 Sexiest Movies On Netflix In 2022 list is Honeymoon with My Mother. The comedy is about a man named Jose who suffers an embarrassing moment in his life. He gets stood up at the altar. His mother Mari decides to make him feel better by tagging along with him on his honeymoon. She doesn’t want him to lose his money, so she goes on the trip with him. Jose is not happy because his heart is broken.

Mari is having the time of her life on the trip. This is a bubbly comedy about a son and his mother. The refreshing movie will put a smile on your face. The movie takes place on Mauritius Island and Canary Island. The script is well written. It is heartfelt and will keep you laughing. A movie about a mother and son may not sound sexy, but it can be. It will give you a chance to sit on the couch and laugh with the person you love. There is nothing sexier than having a good laugh with the person you love. The storyline will keep you invested until the end.

The island scenes are exotic and hypnotic. The beautiful island scenes are so sexy you will want to be there with the person you love. Jose is a sexy and attractive man. It is a shock that his fiancée jilted him at the altar for another man. He is tall, dark and handsome. Mari is also a sexy woman. She is proof that you can be sexy without being in your 20s or 30s. She even looks great in a bathing suit. The rest of the cast looks great too. They are all sexy in their own way.

# 4 – 365 Days This Day

This is the sequel to 365 Days. It is similar to the Fifty Shades movies. It is based on a novel. This erotic thriller is about a couple named Laura and Massimo. In this movie, they are married to each other. Laura is keeping a secret from Massimo. She was pregnant in the last movie and lost it. She never told Massimo that she was pregnant. He deals with his family business while she is tempted by another man. This movie has a lot of steamy sex scenes. As soon as the movie starts, you will see a sex scene. They hold nothing back during the sex scenes. We won’t get into details about how sexy the scenes are. You will have to check it out for yourself.

You can feel the love and passion during the erotic sex scenes. Laura is a very sexy woman. She has a beautiful body that men will enjoy looking at. Massimo is stunningly sexy and handsome. He has a muscular shape that you can stare at for hours. Laura’s potential lover Nacho is also incredibly sexy and handsome. She has a dilemma on her hands because both of the men in her life are sexy. She would be lucky if she picks either man. She has sizzling chemistry with both men. The location scenes are beautiful to look at. The scenes are mesmerizing. They will take your breath away. You can pick up on the movie without watching the first one. You can also enjoy it even if you haven’t read the novel.

# 3 – Brazen

The next murder mystery on our list is Brazen. The movie is about a mystery writer named Grace who makes a name for herself by using her instincts to solve crimes. She must put those instincts to the test when a murder hits close to her home. Her sister ends up murdered, so she puts her skills to good use to solve the crime. This is the type of movie you can watch with your lover and decide who the culprit is.

What’s more fun than having a friendly debate with the man or the woman you love about a mystery? This fun movie will have you guessing until the killer is revealed. The movie is based on Nora Roberts’ book of the same name. She is one of the queens of mystery, so you know you are in for a treat. The movie provides enough clues and red herrings to keep you guessing until the very end.

The writers did an excellent job making Grace a strong character. Grace gets the chance to put her mystery skills to use as she tries to discover who murdered her sister. Don’t let the fact that the movie is full of suspense fool you. There is romance involved too. Grace has a romantic interest in the movie, so it’s not just focused on solving a crime. Grace and Ed have a budding romance while she’s trying to solve her sister’s murder. She also has to avoid getting killed herself since she’s not a detective. Alyssa Milano is beautiful as ever as Grace.

She is best known for her role on Who’s the Boss, but she does an excellent job in this role. She is like a fine wine, and she has a figure that will make women envious. Samuel Page plays Ed and he is eye candy for the ladies. He looks like he jumped out the of the pages of a magazine. The rest of the cast are sexy in their own way. They have a variety of looks to please everyone.

# 2 – Home Team

The comedy is about a real-life NFL coach named Sean who was suspended from the league. He helped pay players to take other players out of games. He made sure the players hurt the other players so they couldn’t play football. He goes back to his hometown. He reconnects with his son by coaching his football team. He is trying to find himself after getting suspended from the NFL. He wants to redeem his reputation by coaching the team.

He gets tested by coaching peewee football. This is a feel-good movie. It is a refreshing take on a real-life scandal. The movie may remind you of Little Giants. It is sexy to watch Sean interact with his son. It is always sexy to see a father spending time with his son. Bonding with his son wouldn’t be easy because he has to face the scandal. Kevin James is known for over-the-top comedy, but he tones it down for this movie. He still makes you laugh, but he doesn’t overdo it.

He doesn’t have typical sexy looks. His sex appeal is through his humor. It is always sexy for a man to make you laugh. Here is a fun fact. The real-life Sean appears in the movie. He plays another character in the movie. If you are looking for physical eye candy, Taylor Lautner appears in the film. His sexy body will drive women crazy. You get humor and looks so you get the best of both worlds with this movie.

# 1 – A Madea’s Homecoming

The number one movie on our Top 10 Sexiest Movies On Netflix in 2022 list is A Madea’s Homecoming. The comedy is based on Madea’s Farewell Play. This comedy is about Madea and her family getting ready to celebrate her great grandson’s college graduation. The family goes through drama while they are celebrating graduation. Like with most Tyler Perry movies, there will be a lot of drama. The movie isn’t just about graduation. It covers a lot of important topics.

They deal with Black Lives Matter, policing in America, civil unrest, and boycotting. The movie isn’t just for laughs. It also has a lot of sexy eye candy for you to look at. Tyler Perry likes to cast local actors in his movies and plays. He managed to find sexy actors in this movie. The women are beautiful. They have different shapes. Some are physically fit while others are full-figured.

They are proof that you can be sexy at any size. The men are handsome and distinguished. Like the women, they are also different shapes. Some are physically fit. Brandon Black and Amani Atkinson in particular are very sexy and muscular. The others have fuller shapes. They are distinguished-looking. Tyler Perry’s movies usually get panned by the critics, but they are worth watching. One of the sexiest things about watching a movie with the person you love is being able to laugh together.

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