10 Sexiest Movies On Crackle

Sexiest Movies On Crackle

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Our Top 10 Sexiest Movies On Crackle list will take a look at the sexiest movies on Crackle. Crackle is a free streaming app that streams movies and TV shows. The streaming service is owned by Chicken Soup for the Soul. It is available in 21 countries. You can watch Hollywood movies for free. There are commercials, but the content is unedited. There are different genres of movies such as action, horror, sci fi, comedies, etc. If you’re in the mood to watch something sexy, you have plenty of options on this streaming service. This Top 10 Sexiest Movies On Crackle list will feature the sexiest movies on the service.

# 10 – Monogamy

The first movie on our Top 10 Sexiest Movies On Crackle list is Monogamy. The movie stars Rashida Jones, Chris Messina, Meital Dohan. Zak Orth, and Ivan Martin. The romantic drama is about a photographer named Theo (Chris Messina) who feels his commitment to his girlfriend Natalie (Rashida Jones) isn’t what it used to be. It feels like their relationship is fading. Theo becomes bored with his job. He develops a new business called “Gumshoot.” He is hired to stalk people with his camera. He meets a woman named Subgirl (Meital Dohan). She is one of his clients. He ends up becoming obsessed with her. He has to face the truth about himself as well as his upcoming marriage. He has to decide if he wants to go through with his wedding to Natalie or pursue Subgirl.

This movie has a lot of drama because Theo is torn between his life with Natalie or pursuing a life with Subgirl. Watching a movie like this would be similar to watching a soap opera. Soap operas usually have sexy triangles which is no different from this movie. Subgirl is forbidden fruit for Theo, and he is choosing to risk his relationship to follow her around. It is intriguing to watch which one he wants to be with. He has a hard decision on his hands because both of the women are sexy.

Rashida Jones has beautiful skin like honey. She has beautiful girl-next-door looks. Her character may bore Theo, but she is beautiful to look at. Let’s talk about Subgirl. Subgirl is a woman of mystery and that is always sexy and intriguing. She has a sexy and curvy body. You can see why Theo would have his head turned by her. She looks like the type of woman who would drive a man crazy.

# 9 – Love & Air Sex

The next movie on our Top 10 Sexiest Movies On Crackle is Love & Air Sex. The movie stars Sarah Paxton, Zach Creggers, Ashley Bell, Michael Stahl-David, Addison Timlin and Marshall Allman. The romantic comedy is about two pairs of exes who see each other again. Stan (Michael Stahl-David) goes to Austin to visit his friends. His true motive is to run into his ex-girlfriend Cathy (Ashley Bell). He arrives in town to find out that his friends Jeff (Zach Creggers) and Kara (Sarah Paxton) have also broken up. Stan and Cathy have rebound sex with each other.

Stan doesn’t want to let go of the relationship, but Jeff wants him to move on from it. Kara also wants Cathy to move on from the relationship. Jeff and Kara try to hook Stan and Cathy up with other people. When the sex doesn’t work out, lines are drawn in the sand. On top of that, the Air Sex World Championships is in town. Anything can happen during the championships. Will Stan and Cathy realize they are meant to be together, or will they break up for good?

This is a unique movie. This may not seem like a romantic comedy, but the writer’s goal is to get the viewers to root for Stan and Cathy to be together. Cathy doesn’t seem interested in being back with Stan, but you can tell her heart is torn. This sexy comedy will have you thinking whether or not Stan and Cathy should get back together or stay apart. This is a raucous comedy so of course, you would expect sex scenes. The movie doesn’t disappoint the viewers with these scenes. The sex scenes are hot and steamy. They will make you wish there were more scenes. There are also “air” sex scenes for anyone who is into that kind of thing. Stan and Cathy are a nice-looking couple you would want to see get back together. Their decision to reunite shouldn’t be hard.

# 8 – Scenes of a Sexual Nature

The romantic drama stars Tom Hardy, Ewan McGregor, Hugh Bonneville, Mark Strong, Andrew Lincoln, Sophie Okonedo and Gina McKee. The ensemble movie is about people who meet in the park. Billy (Ewan McGregor) is a sex seeker. His goal is to have sex all the time. Brian (Douglas Hodge) wants Billy to stop his philandering ways. Noel (Tom Hardy) is dealing with cruelty from women because he doesn’t know how to talk to them. Gerry (Hugh Bonneville) and Julia (Gina McKee) are having a bad blind date with each other. He thinks it is a good date, but that changes when he finds out Julia is his business partner’s girlfriend. Eddie (Benjamin Whitrow) discovers a date mix up with Iris (Dame Eileen Atkins). They haven’t seen each other in over 50 years. They find out they have been going to the same park, but on different days. Pete (Adrian Lester) is at the park to settle a bad marriage.

This movie has a lot of stories going on. Ensemble movies give you a chance to get to know different characters. This movie stands out because it takes place in a park. The people are unconnected with each other, yet they have more in common than they think. The people represent all walks of life. They also represent all sexual orientations. The movie has different twists and turns that you may or may not see coming. The twists are enjoyable.

The movie has more dialogue than action, but it is not boring. You get a chance to explore different relationships. This sexy drama is the type of movie you can watch with the person you love. You can discuss the different relationships that take place in the movie. The park is exquisite. There is even a section for sex at the park. This is a section you don’t see every day in a park.

# 7 – Strictly Sexual

The romantic comedy stars Stevie Long, Johann Urb, Kristen Kerr and Amber Benson. The movie is about women who are sick of the dating game, so they come up with an idea. They allow two men in their pool house for sexual favors. Donna (Amber Benson) is a wealthy writer. Her best friend Christi Ann (Kristen Kerr) is a designer. They are bored and decide to chase escorts in a bar. Stan (Stevie Long) and Joe (Johann Urb) are best friends who are looking for jobs.

They are at the same bar as the women. Their goal is to have drinks and not pay for the bill. Donna and Christi Ann invite Stan and Joe home with them because they think they are hustlers. The women have one-night stands with the guys. The women find out that the guys are unemployed. Donna and Christi Ann give them a deal. They allow them to stay in their pool house until they find jobs. In exchange, they have to fulfill their sexual desires. The guys agree to stay with the women. Things change when they begin to fall for each other.

With a movie called Strictly Sexual, you already know what to expect. You will get plenty of sizzling sex scenes in the movie. It’s not every day where you see a movie where women don’t want a commitment. Women aren’t usually the ones who want to have a strictly sexual relationship. This movie gives you a chance to see women who want to just have sex without a commitment. The men in the movie are the ones who want more than a sexual relationship. It is an unexpected turn of events.

The characters are likable people you would want to see get together. They all have sexual chemistry with each other which makes their scenes even hotter. This is a movie that is for the grown and sexy. You will get your sexiness fix with this movie. You will also get the chance to see them develop feelings for each other so it’s not just about sex.

# 6 – Loveswag

The comedy stars Giovanni Watson, Anica Barbosa, Charles Matthers, Yaritza Betancourt, Alynxia America, Shaun Royer and Rita Khori. The movie is about a man named Bronson (Giovanni Watson). He is a mogul and a loverman. He can bed any type of woman he wants. His reputation changes when he develops an embarrassing medical condition. The medical condition makes him bad in bed.

There are a lot of sexy scenes in the movie until Bronson develops his illness. The scenes between Bronson and the women can melt your screen. They will satisfy you sexual appetite. The movie isn’t just about sex. There seems to be a deeper message. The writers want Bronson to realize that he shouldn’t play around with women. His condition is a wake up call for him to slow down his actions. He gets his reality check when women are no longer interested in his playboy ways.

He does get a chance to meet someone who can look past his status in the sack. Giovanni Watson is a sexy man. He was perfectly cast in the role of a playboy. He has a sexy body that gets to be shown a lot in the movie. He is tall, dark and sexy which is always a great thing. He is definitely someone who can have his way with women. It is no wonder he was cast in the lead role. The writers knew exactly what they were doing when they picked him for the part.

# 5 – 28 Hotel Rooms

The next movie on our Top 10 Sexiest Movies On Crackle list is 28 Hotel Rooms. The romantic drama stars Chris Messina, Marin Ireland, Robert Deamer, Anne H. Wilson, Yaitza Rivera and Paul Day. The movie is about a writer from New York (Chris Messina) who has a one-night stand with an accountant (Marin Ireland) from Seattle. After their one-night stand, they decide to go their separate ways. They end up seeing each other again and decide to meet up at different hotel rooms across the country. They are both involved with other people. They still try to find ways to be together. They stay together for years. Will they decide to have a sexual relationship, or will they decide to have something more?

This is a simple story about a couple who meet up for sex. They aren’t free to be together, but their paths continue to cross anyway. Knowing that they are involved with other people, you may not want to see them get together. They are cheating on their significant others in order to be together. They also live in separate states. They risk their relationships to meet in different parts of the country. They are obviously drawn to each other, or they wouldn’t risk their relationships to be with each other. This sexy drama has all the obstacles to hold your attention.

It is interesting to watch the journey with this couple who shouldn’t technically be together. They have sexy chemistry with each other. They may be in other relationships, but they are made for each other. The viewers only see them together, so it is easy to want to root for them as a couple. There are plenty of sex scenes to turn you on and get you in the mood.

# 4 – The 30 Day Rule

The movie stars Jaye Taylor, Tavares M. Wilson, Dominique Perry, Chris Mason, Libby Blake, Tasia Grant and Alfonso A’Quen-Aten Jackson. The movie is about four best friends named Terri (Jaye Taylor), Derek (Wardell Richardson), Barrett (T. Justin Hooper) and Tyson (Tavares M. Wilson). They make a bet to see if men could go 30 days without having sex. It is the opposite of the movie American Pie.

As a viewer, you already know that this is a bet that everyone will not make it through. You don’t even have to watch the movie to know how that bet is going to end. It is a safe bet that someone is going to lose the bet. We aren’t spoiling the movie, but it if you have seen movies like this, you know what is going to happen. The movie does have sex in it. We won’t reveal who is having sex. We will say that you will enjoy what you will see. You will get a chance to see romance since they aren’t allowed to have sex with each other. You can watch this movie with your significant other or with your friends. It is an ensemble movie so there is someone in it for everyone to enjoy. The cast are attractive people. They look like models.

# 3 – 35 and Ticking

The romantic comedy stars Kevin Hart, Meagan Good, Nicole Ari Parker, Tamala Jones, Wendy Raquel Robinson, Clifton Powell and Keith Robinson. The movie is about friends who are all about to turn 35. They all want to have families. Victoria (Tamala Jones) is married to a man who doesn’t want to have children. Zenobia (Nicole Ari Parker) is having trouble finding a man. Cleavon (Kevin Hart) is too nerdy to get a woman. Phil (Keith Robinson) is married, but his wife doesn’t want children. They all want to make their lives better before they turn 35.

This is another ensemble movie on our Top 10 Sexiest Movies On Crackle list. Ensemble movies like these give you a chance to see different people. This movie is relatable if you want to settle down and start a family. When people reach a certain age, they want to get started with their lives. The person you are with may not agree with your choice so it may be hard. This movie puts marriage, love and sex in a different light.

The writers put the challenge of the friends in a comedic light. The script is well written and gives everyone a chance to shine in their roles. There are love scenes, but they aren’t graphic. This movie is geared more towards romance than lust, but you will get a chance to see sexy scenes. You may be surprised to see how much this movie relates to your own life. This movie is targeted for men and women so you can watch it together and cuddle up with each other.

# 2 – The Accidental Husband

The romantic comedy stars Uma Thurman, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Colin Firth, Sam Shepard, Justina Machado and Isabella Rossellini. The movie is about a radio talk show host named Emma (Uma Thurman) who gives advice about relationships. She is engaged to Richard (Colin Firth). She has it all until she finds out that she is married to another man named Patrick (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) she has never met. This happened because of a prank that went wrong. Now Emma’s wedding is in jeopardy. She has to find the husband and get an annulment.

Patrick is a fireman with a big secret. He is the one who is responsible for the prank. He doesn’t want to confess to what he did, so he pretends to be just as shocked as Emma. As they get to know each other, she begins to develop feelings for him. Emma’s wedding is quickly approaching so she has to decide whether she wants to marry Richard or stay married to Patrick.

If you like the movie Sweet Home Alabama, you may find yourself enjoying this one. It has a similar plot since a woman is engaged to one man while married to another. This movie is fun to watch. You and your lover will enjoy watching the movie together. The plot may be unlikely, but it is fun to watch the journey. It gives the audience a chance to see Emma with both men. It ends up being a love triangle which is always sexy. She is torn between two men. Since this is a romantic comedy, it does have love scenes. There is also a mystery element as to why Patrick pulled the prank in the first place. There is nothing sexier than watching a romantic movie with a mystery tied to it. It is something that will keep you guessing. You and your lover will enjoy debating over which man she should choose to marry.

# 1 – All For The Money

The number one movie on our Top 10 Sexiest Movies On Crackle list is All for the Money. The comedy stars Brian ‘Da Wildcat’ Smith, Eugene Bush, Simeon Henderson, Maisha Carter, Alexandra M. Hunter and Rahul Tahkkar. The movie is about an older man named Eddie (Brian ‘Da Wildcat’ Smith) who meets a younger woman named Simone (Maisha Carter) on a dating website. It seems like love at first sight. The website wants more publicity, so they offer Eddie a challenge. He has one week to convince Simone to marry him. If he can do it, he will win $500,000. The people at the website don’t think he can get her to marry him. Eddie thinks he can get her to marry him.

This is a funny movie about a May/December romance. There is nothing different about May/December romances, but the writers managed to make it different by having them meet on a dating website. Eddie is a 67-year-old man who is willing to marry Simone just to get money. Simone is a successful real estate agent. She is sexy and classy and can have any man she wants. It is not likely that she would fall for a man like Eddie. The writers took on the challenge of making someone like Eddie likable enough to want him to succeed with his challenge.

In another movie, he would be an unlikeable character since he is using Simone for money. Eddie and Simone aren’t a couple you would likely see together. Maisha Carter is a sexy actress. She has exotic looks and a curvy body. She looks sexy in her outfits. She would be a reason to watch the movie. Brian ‘Da Wildcat’ Smith isn’t in your face sexy, but he will make you laugh which can always be sexy.

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